Bonus Terme 2021: how to request it online and to whom it belongs

After holiday bonus to push tourism, the government launches the 2021 term bonus. Citizens will be able to use a contribution up to 200 euro to enjoy a moment of relaxation and health at the spa services, a sector that has been particularly affected by Covid-19.

The decree that provides for the measure of 2021 Term Bonus was published in the Official Gazette in early August and the state has allocated 53 million euros intended for facilitation. The bonuses will then be disbursed to citizens who request them until the funds run out available to finance the measure. All citizens of age and residents in Italy can apply for the spa bonus, which covers up to 100% of the spa service purchased. The bonus can only be spent on accredited spas and the request can be submitted online starting from mid-October. Here’s what you need to know to apply for it online.

Bonus Terme 2021: what it is and who it is for

The 2021 term bonus is a 100% discount on the purchase price of spa services in an accredited center for a maximum amount of 200 euros. If the cost of the service is higher, the rest of the expense is borne by the citizen, who can use it only once and cannot sell it to third parties, either free of charge or in exchange for money. In addition, the bonus is valid for spa facilities that are not already covered by the National Health Service or other public bodies, or that enjoy additional benefits.

The incentive can be requested by all citizens who have more than 18 years old, I’m resident in Italy and does not provide ISEE limits, nor limits related to family, as it had been for the holiday bonus. In a family of 3 all adults, if all three apply for the bonus, they will be able to receive coverage of € 200 per person each.

Bonus Terme 2021: how to request it online

Before you can proceed with the request for the bonus, you have to wait for it Invitalia complete the procedure accreditation of spa facilities. Only then will they be provided with precise indications on how to request and book spa services.

What is certain is that the citizens will have to do request for the bonus directly at the accredited spa, which will issue the user with a booking certificate. This one has one valid for 60 days from its issue, that is, in order to be entitled to the bonus, the citizen must use the services booked within that period. It will then be the spa that provided the service to request Invitalia, through a specific IT platform, for the refund of the voucher used by the citizen.

Bonus Terme 2021: beware of the click day

To be able to claim the bonus you have to wait the notice of opening reservations, which will be published on the website of the Ministry of Economic Development and Invitalia. The opening for reservations should arrive in mid-October and yes already promises a click day, given that the bonus will be paid until the available funds are exhausted.

Considering that the State has allocated 53 million euros for vouchers of up to 200 euros, it is estimated that the bonuses paid will only be About 265 thousand. The number of users who want to access the bonus could be much more than the number of vouchers available and there is a fear of an assault on the site on the opening day of the bookings, with all the inefficiencies due to the very high traffic of users who will connect to the site at the same time web.

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