The private jet and door-to-door travel company is here: Go Europa

The private jet and door-to-door travel company is here: Go Europa
The private jet and door-to-door travel company is here: Go Europa

Go Europa is born and presents itself with a unique profile focused on an exclusive clientele. It all started with Covid and with the considerable demand for private jets.

This new tour operator aims to build completely customized trips and as they say door to door. So the tourist will be taken from his home to the hotel of destination and so on by an organization that takes care of every single trip and every single experience. that the customer wants to do. All European nations will be covered. Obviously, private jets and chauffeured limousines are crucial to structuring this personalized travel mechanism. In short, all those vehicles that can adapt to specific needs and specific paths. In order to provide private jet services, Go World, the parent company of the one we are talking about, turned to Silvano Poltronieri, a well-known expert in the sector of executive travel organization.

The market is asking for it

The market is changing and mid-range flights are eroding. On the one hand, there is an audience that asks for ever lower prices and even at the cost of a Spartan trip. On the other hand, an audience that is willing to spend a lot on travel-experience, where every aspect is taken care of to the utmost. It is the covid-based world that has seen market segmentations become even more aggravated. All 350 European Unesco sites covered.

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Of particular interest to the management of Go Europa guarantee the reachability, always with a private profile, of all the sites identified by UNESCO in Europe.

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It is from the analysis of high-level leisure tourism trends that this proposal is born, intended for a very limited audience.

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