Up to 1200 euros if you find this old coin: here’s which one

Up to 1200 euros if you find this old coin: here’s which one
Up to 1200 euros if you find this old coin: here’s which one

The history of the lira, the historical Italian coinage that became “out of circulation” starting from February 28, 2002, after a few months of “coexistence” with the new currency, still represents a very vivid memory in the minds of those who lived at least in the 90s : the Italian currency, which was born even before the unification of our country and in its history has influenced a period of time of great social, political and economic changes, which have opted for Italy to join at the end of the 20th century the ” pact “of economic and monetary union of the European Union, to lay the foundations for the birth of the Euro, so as to stem the effects of inflation and to face other world currencies with greater efficiency.

The lire of value

The lira therefore immediately became a “museum piece” starting from the last day of February 2002. Many have kept coins and banknotes that are part of the “old coin” especially for a “sentimental” question, but in some cases also to hope for a possible future profit. This is because even the lira is made up of numerous variants and even rare examples such as the 5 euro “Grapes”, one of the first coins developed and minted starting after the Second World War, very shortly after the proclamation of the Italian Republic. This coin, developed from 1946 until 1950, can be worth very interesting figures.

How much is it worth?

Developed in italma, an alloy that was “inaugurated” with the first Italian republican coins, composed of the 962 ‰ of aluminum, the 35 ‰ of magnesium, and the 3 ‰ of manganese.
This coin is easily recognized by the bunch of grapes present on one of the “faces”, while the other bears the effigy of a female profile holding a torch, a representation of republican Italy.

The value varies greatly from the condition of the coin but also from the year of minting: in 1946 and 1947 the production by the State Mint was not yet so frequent, which is why one of these coins created in those years can be worth up to 1200 euro if in uncirculated condition. The valuation drops a lot for the specimens made subsequently that do not exceed 50 euros.


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