Imu sting coming with the land registry reform

Imu sting arriving if, as it seems, the wait passes land registry reform. It should be inserted in the next one Budget law, with consequences for taxpayers that are likely to be economically heavy.

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After all, it was the Ministry of Economy and Finance itself that recommended “overseeing the quality and completeness of cadastral databases, with a constant update of the integrated real estate register ».

Stangata Imu: cadastral income stopped in the 80s

Why the costs for taxpayers will become much higher is easy to imagine. The market value of real estate in almost all cases it does not coincide with the cadastral one.

In fact, cadastral rents represent the real estate market from the late 1980s. Stop then more than 30 years ago.

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Stangata Imu: the market has completely changed

From that moment (late 1980s) to today many things have changed. In many cases the prices have risen and by a lot. In others, some neighborhoods might have suffer a depreciation, and the houses cost less than then.

But it is clear that almost always the costs of the apartments are higher (sometimes even in an important way, despite the crisis), of those reported in the cadastral income.

Stangata Imu: what to update in the Cadastre

The land registry reform also responds to other needs, which are needed to regularize a “wild” real estate market:

  • bring out undeclared properties;
  • check the dimensions and the quotes of reference;
  • update holders of the shares.

Imu sting and fight against tax evasion

But even in this case the imu sting coming for the reform of the land registry serves to make it more efficient the fight against tax evasion (accompanied by greater equity).

In fact, those “correct” information from the land registry will then be integrated with those reported by the taxpayers themselves in the tax return.

Another tax control tool.

Stangata Imu, but not in all of Italy

The situation of cadastral data not updated it is not the same throughout Italy. On the contrary. This was revealed in a Report carried out by Sole24 Ore.

An example: a house in the municipality of Imperia (the properties of the category have been verified A / 2 and A / 3, quasi 80% of the market), has a cadastral value of 73.500 euro, while the value on the real estate market exceeds 200.000.

In a northern city, the size of Imperia, Pordenone, the average cadastral value of a home is 125.300 euro, while the market value is below 90.000.

Which means that as soon as the land registry reform passes, the Imu sting will be really heavy for the citizens of Imperia, while in Pordenone you will pay less than now.

Stangata Imu, so in our country

However, the analysis of all 103 Italian provincial capitals revealed that I am alone 10 municipalities which have a market price for the properties that is below that provided by the land registry. It happens more often in small towns or even in homes located in the extreme suburbs.

For everyone else 93 provincial capitals the reform of the cadastre is therefore equivalent to a conspicuous one increase in the Imu, because the value of the cadastral income is lower, sometimes even considerably, compared to the current market price.

It is precisely for this reason that the ministry considers a reform of the land registry to be indispensable.

Stangata Imu, this time the reform of the Land Registry will take place

We talk about it anyway since 2015, and since then there are only words left. This time, however, it seems to be getting serious.

It is also widely spoken about in the Pnrr and in Country specific recommendations spread by the European Union.

The reform of the Land Registry this time should therefore materialize. And drag along too the increase in the Imu for a good slice of Italians.

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