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Healthier drinks, the list of healthier drinks to drink in summer

Healthier drinks, the list of healthier drinks to drink in summer
Healthier drinks, the list of healthier drinks to drink in summer

We know that there is nothing to be healthy like water. When you drink to quench your thirst, nothing beats a simple glass of water. But what are the healthier drinks to be proposed as an alternative in this still very hot summer?

Healthier drinks, the best drinks

A list of the healthiest drinks you can drink in this long, hot summer. Quenching your thirst is not always enough to be happy. Let’s face it, sometimes you also need a nice drink with a fresh and pleasant taste. The important thing, however, is not to let yourself go to the irresistible desire of the terrible ones sugary drinks which then end up ruining our health, especially if taken in large quantities. So what are these healthy drinks that we want to offer you? Here are the healthiest ones according to experts:

Blueberry juice
Green tea
Dandelion tea
Nettle leaf tea
Turmeric tea
Red raspberry leaf tea
Watermelon juice
Parsley juice
Cherry juice
Molasses drink
Coconut milk
Aloe vera juice
Green vegetable drinks

There are 16 drinks that we have proposed to you, drinks that you can also prepare at home. But what is meant by healthy drinks? Some of the ones we have presented to you are equipped with a large amount of vitamin C, which means skin care. Water and lemon have large amounts of antioxidants, so in drinks they can help reduce acne and rosacea. Among the other positive properties, there is that of the care of teeth and gums, a characteristic that will satisfy very well from tea. In addition, such drinks are great for detoxification, as they help isolate toxins from the body and their absorption through improved digestion.

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Healthier drinks list healthier drinks drink summer

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