No green certificate in the hotel. The Italian sea is safe

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While the control room is still in progress at Palazzo Chigi, theAnsa beats the news that much of the industry is waiting for: the obligation of green pass it will not be extended to accommodation facilities. Guests of hotels, resorts and tourist villages who will want to access restaurants and indoor bars inside the structures must not present the discussed certificate.

It was decided there control room between group leaders. During the discussion, part of the majority would have liked to introduce the obligation also for hotels, but in the end it was decided to keep the current rule unchanged, confirming what was already foreseen by the last decree.

Sigh of relief from the operators busy on the sea ​​Italy, now awaiting the official decision.

In the past few hours the to Astoi association had clearly expressed its opposition to the introduction of the pass in the hotel and the like. Measure feared and communicated in a disorderly way, which would have represented a further blow to the tourism industry, already orfana dell’outgoing.

THE REACTIONS. The exultation of Federalberghi, who has been pressing this issue for some time: «At this point – says the president Bernabò Bocca – pwe are reassure our guests on the possibility of normally using the food and beverage services at tourist accommodation facilities, both for breakfast and for access to the restaurant and bar ».

The association specifies, however, that starting from 6 August hotel restaurants will have to request the green pass if the customer sits indoors at the table does not stay at the property.

Among the reactions also that of Confindustria Hotels: «The catering for the residents has always remained operational even during the most critical and dramatic phases of the pandemic. The application of the rules of distancing, capacity of the spaces and of the service allowed the carrying out in complete safety. Today’s response is an important signal for operators and customers, ”says the president of the association Maria Carmela Colaiacovo.


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