drinking water and water bonus, 2,000 euros in savings

drinking water and water bonus, 2,000 euros in savings
drinking water and water bonus, 2,000 euros in savings

Two bonuses without Isee served on a silver platter at the end of 2021. They are the drinking water bonus and the water bonus, for savings of up to 2 thousand euros.


The savings on your bill it is guaranteed with the formalization and indication of the details to be able to take advantage of the bonus without Isee that guarantees one 50% off% on water consumption. The measure, called drinking water bonus, it had already been included in the 2021 Budget Law but the regulation of the functioning was still awaited, which finally arrived. The water bonus, on the other hand, is awaiting the implementation decree which should arrive shortly.

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All about the 2021 Drinking Water Bonus

The drinking water bonus can be claimed either by private citizens and businesses. Specifically, the beneficiaries are businesses, arts and professions, non-commercial entities, entities belonging to the third sector, religious entities and individuals.

The measure provides for one 50% personal income tax deduction on the expenses incurred to purchase and proceed with the installation of devices aimed at reducing the consumption of water resources as well as reducing the use of plastic.

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Amount of the bonus without Isee for the reduction of water consumption

The deduction, as already mentioned, is equal to 50% of the expense but provides for a maximum limit of the amount to be deducted. It is about One thousand Euro for individuals and € 5,000 for each property used as a commercial or institutional activity. The threshold of 5 thousand euros it is also set for businesses, arts and professions and for non-commercial entities.

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When and how to request the deduction of the bonus without Isee

The deduction may be required for devices that have been purchased from the start since the beginning of 2021 until December 2022. Applications for access to the bonus without Isee must be sent in the period between on February 1st and February 28th of the following year in which the expenses were made. The purchase must be certified with a traceable payment method and the request for facilitation must be sent through the portal of the Revenue Agency. Through the model F24, then, the bonus will be compensated.

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Water bonus, the differences with the drinking water bonus

The first clear difference between water bonus and drinking water bonus is that the former hasn’t started yet. In fact, the implementing decree aimed at establishing the terms of the request for the measure is awaited. It is known that the facility will be paid in the form of contribution of 1,000 euros. Recipients will be those who will carry out work in their home to limit water waste. Isee is not foreseen and the admitted expenses will concern the replacement of the ceramic sanitary ware with new models with reduced consumption, of the shower heads, of the shower columns with reduced flow rate.

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