Ethylene oxide in different types of products … Rasff n.30

In week 30 of 2021 the reports issued by the European rapid alert system for food and feed (Rasff) were 104 (11 were sent by the Italian Ministry of Health).

The list of the products distributed in our country and subject to the alert includes six cases: presence of 2-chloroethanol (expressed as ethylene oxide) in capsules and moringa powder, from Germany; (Moringa powder, 500 g, Expiry date: 12.2.2023. Moringa in capsules, 240 capsules; Expiry dates: 28, 29, 30, 31.10.2022 and 22.3.2023. Supplier: Krauterhaus Sanct Bernhard, Bad Ditzenbach, Germany. Distributor: FutuNatura; Be Healthy doo, Kranj). Unauthorized substance (ethylene oxide) in stabilizer (Lygomme) used in the production of ice cream from France; ethylene oxide in toppings containing locust bean gum used on donuts, from France; ethylene oxide in Phytobiologicals supplements from Belgium; recall of donuts from France, containing locust bean gum that exceed the MRL for ethylene oxide (Bla mixed box 5 donuts); presence of mercury in swordfish (Xiphias gladius) beyond the permitted limits, from Spain.

Ethylene Oxide Capsules and Moringa Powder, from Germany

In the list of the information on the products distributed in Italy that do not imply an urgent intervention we find: presence of ethylene oxide in E410 carob flour (as per notification 2021.2966) used in semi-finished products and preparations for pastry; poor traceability for mechanically separated meat (csm) from Belgium.

Between the lots rejected at the borders or object of information, our country reports: ethylene oxide in locust bean gum; Listeria monocytogenes in smoked and chilled mackerel fillets, from Romania; aflatoxins in shelled pistachios from Iran; mercury in defrosted swordfish fillets, from Spain; undeclared sulphites in frozen shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei) from Vietnam; aflatoxins (B1) in ground nutmeg, from Indonesia; ascorbic acid above the maximum limit allowed in defrosted, prepared (selected) and vacuum packed yellow fin tuna loin, from Spain; fragility of the glass of bottles of Spumante Rosato magnum MUSE line.

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Ethylene oxide types products Rasff n30

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