Here are 3 simple ways to get free petrol or fuel coupons

Here are 3 simple ways to get free petrol or fuel coupons
Here are 3 simple ways to get free petrol or fuel coupons

For anyone who works with the car or uses it very often, this is a million dollar piece of information! In fact, fuel costs become very expensive when you use your car frequently.

So, information regarding discounts or even free vouchers on fuel, make you go in raptures. Here we will deal with just that. Here are the 3 simple tricks to get free petrol or fuel coupons !!! Let’s start with the first.

Here are 3 simple ways to get free petrol or fuel vouchers

Online surveys

The easiest and most convenient way to get them is to browse the internet. Here there are companies specializing in market research that offer free gifts or discounts from some distributors. Just fill in a survey and that’s it!

Promotions and prepaid cards

The second way to get free petrol or fuel vouchers are promotions made by companies or by individual petrol stations.

Plus there are prepaid cards. In this case, the reward goes to the loyal customer who always refuel at the same dealer or company.

Eni, for example, offers excellent promotions in this regard. Think of the You & Eni formula that allows you to accumulate points that can be converted into fuel vouchers. Furthermore, again with Eni, it is possible to obtain discounts on refueling with various prepaid cards.

Additional benefits can be obtained with Q8, which recognizes vouchers mainly to companies and VAT numbers. They are obtained through apps, SMS or emails that issue barcode vouchers. Also with Q8, it is also possible to refuel for free or take advantage of a discount with the Fidaty card, created in agreement with Esselunga supermarkets.

Commercial break

In a very simple way, this third way is to advertise to companies or individual fuel distributors. It is a question of providing doors, bonnets or rear windows to place adhesive panels depicting the company logo. However, it must be a non-luminous or reflective advertising, as they are prohibited by the Highway Code.


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Beware of false insurance!

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