Here is the cashback for the highways: how it works and how to get a refund of the toll

Here is the cashback for the highways: how it works and how to get a refund of the toll
Here is the cashback for the highways: how it works and how to get a refund of the toll

Let’s leave the state cashback behind as we have known it in recent months, because as we know the Draghi government has decided not to renew the measure introduced by the previous Conte executive in the face of cashless purchases. Instead, we welcome a new one cashback, as important as it is unexpected: that of Highways.

It is a special one automatic reimbursement of the motorway toll paid, which is recognized to motorists in the event of queues caused by the presence of construction sites.

The CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia (Aspi), Roberto Tomasi, announced the new measure already at the end of June. Now, the first details of a really interesting novelty arrive for all those who travel by car, both for work and for vacation.

Autostrade’s cashback arrives after proceeding of non-compliance against Aspi by the Antitrust, due to the failure to adjust the cost of the toll downwards for the sections where the road network is heavily compromised due to extraordinary works.

Cashback motorways, the most involved routes

This year Autostrade will spend 750 million euros for the overall modernization of the Italian motorway network which has in concession, the same figure as in 2020.

In agreement with the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility (MIMS), Autostrade per l’Italia has declared that since 2020 it has already activated toll reductions or zeroing in favor of users on the sections subject to significant inconvenience due to maintenance work , for a total of 77 million euros of lower revenues in the 2020-21 period.

Moreover, these sections include precisely those reported at the time by the Antitrust, where there were lane reductions, then resolved, imposed by the judicial authorities, whose proceedings concern events that are not current, but which occurred between December 2019 and January 2020.

The most impressive jobs, which are pinning Italians in long queues today, especially in these weeks of holidays, concern these drawn in particular:

  • A1 Milan-Naples
  • A3 Naples-Salerno
  • A4 Milan-Brescia
  • A5 Turin-Aosta-Mont Blanc
  • A7 Milan-Genoa
  • A8 Milan-Varese
  • A9 Lainate-Como-Chiasso
  • A10 Genoa-Savona
  • A11 Florence-Pisa North
  • A12 Genoa-Rome
  • A13 Bologna-Padua
  • A14 Bologna-Taranto
  • A16 Naples-Canosa
  • A23 Palmanova-Tarvisio
  • A26 Genoa Voltri-Gravellona Toce
  • A27 Venice-Belluno.

Cashback highways, how the toll refund works

250 million the amount allocated for the cashback of Autostrade. The reimbursement of the toll is in full, that is, it covers the entire toll and not just the section affected by the construction site.

The right to reimbursement is triggered after exceeding a certain limit of normal travel times due to a construction site. For example, for commuters, who are more involved in queues, the travel time is on average 20 minutes and the refund is triggered after 15 minutes of delay.

The measurement of the delay is based on the average travel times:

  • 100 km for cars
  • 70 km for heavy vehicles.

To calculate the delay, the data relating to the presence of construction sites are crossed with those of Google Maps regarding the queues and those relating to the times of entry and exit from the motorway for motorists. Automatic procedure for those who have the Telepass, while for those who pay by card or cash it will be necessary to download the app Free to X (already used by Aspi for electric mobility on the motorway) and send the photo of the receipt.

Cashback autostrade, la road map

“Through the adoption of new digital technologies, refreshments will take place automatically, transparently and commensurate with the actual travel times”, promises Autostrade. For the activation of the toll cashback, Aspi is finalizing the latest authorizations with the Ministry of Infrastructures and Sustainable Mobility, which plans to conclude as soon as possible, so as to be able to launch the new system, the first at European level, initially in progress. experimental.

Here are the times:

  • from the beginning of August to mid-September 2021: first test phase with 6 thousand customers of the Free to X app
  • from 15/20 September to 31 December 2021: experimentation open to all, with the Free to X app downloadable by all
  • from 2022:system by regime.

Cashback highways, consumer groups protest

Meanwhile, the consumer associations are asking for refunds to be activated as soon as possible.

“Today we ask Aspi to immediately start the cashback of the tolls in favor of motorists” says the Codacons. In view of the summer period and the departures of Italians to reach the holiday resorts, it is “essential to immediately provide for an automatic reimbursement of tolls in all those cases in which the motorist suffers slowdowns, delays or inconveniences related to the presence of construction sites and works along the motorway network “.

An attack on Autostrade per l’Italia’s cashback also comes from Assoutenti regarding the privacy issue. “Whoever intends to obtain compensation from Aspi for having been involved in motorway disservices must provide all their data to the app in question, sensitive information also for the purpose of tracking citizens’ movements”. A choice that the association rejects as “absurd”, because it could harm the privacy of motorists.

Today 62% of motorway users pay tolls through Telepass, 23% with credit cards and only 15% in cash. “This means that 85% of motorists could automatically obtain the reimbursement due, without submitting any request and without having to give their sensitive data to third parties”.

Cashback highways, how to know how much traffic there is

If at this point you are wondering if there is a quick and easy way to find out where the construction sites are, how much traffic there is on the motorway, and how to avoid it, the answer is fortunately yes.

You can download the MY WAY app by Autostrade per l’Italia, available for free on the Apple store and on the main Android App Stores and geolocated, created precisely to accompany customers on their travels and at work with real-time information on traffic, tutors, cameras and services on the motorway.

In fact, My Way allows you to travel informed thanks to the 2 million Infoblu sensors active on approximately 100,000 km of roads and motorways. With My Way you can find information on:

  • traffic (speed, accidents, queues, etc.)
  • tutor sections and average speed between the two portals
  • traffic cameras with over 1000 15 “videos from the motorway network and parking lots reserved for heavy vehicles in 30 service areas
  • petrol prices and services in the service area
  • cost of the toll
  • last MY WAY link aired on Sky TG24, Sky Meteo24, La7 and La7D.
  • fixed and mobile construction sites: information on all fixed (with the exception of those in emergency only) and mobile (with progressive updating of the position) sites present on the network.
  • forecasts for the closure of the motorway sections affected by works.

Furthermore, through My Way you can also:

  • call the mechanical and medical assistance, or the Autostrade per l’Italia traffic call center, through the appropriate SOS section. The service is also available for the deaf
  • consult all the stages of “You are in a wonderful country”, with short and long descriptions of the experiences, thematic cards, photo and video gallery
  • consult a section dedicated to road hauliers, with maps, filters, traffic information and specific points of interest for the sector.

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