Pfizer and Moderna have raised the prices of vaccines

Pfizer and Moderna have raised the prices of vaccines
Pfizer and Moderna have raised the prices of vaccines

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Pfizer and Moderna have reached an agreement with Europe to raise vaccine prices. The rumors that have been circulating for a few days have been confirmed by the Financial Times, which saw the new contracts of the pharmaceutical companies for the next supplies to the European Union of 2.1 billion doses by 2023. The new cost of one dose of Pfizer rises to 19,50 euro from 15.40, that of Moderna a $ 25.50 a dose dai 22,60.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla explained that vaccine prices for high-income countries are “comparable”, while for low- and middle-income countries they are significantly lower. According to the Financial Times, Moderna, on the other hand, turned out to be “arrogant” in its negotiations with Europe, showing its lack of experience in relations with governments. The indiscretions of the London newspaper on the increase in prices confirm what was declared in recent months by Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, according to which the increase could have cost “approximately at least 18 billion euros”. And the increases, as well as the boom in demand, will make theirs felt effects on the accounts of the two pharmaceutical giants. Pfizer has in fact estimated in the last quarterly for the period April-June a 30% increase in revenues from the Covid vaccine a 33.5 billion dollars in 2021, a sharp increase compared to the 26 billion expected in May alone. In the second quarter alone, the vaccine generated $ 7.8 billion for Pfizer. And the same goes for Moderna, for which analysts expect vaccine revenues to jump to $ 30 billion.

Despite the difficulties, operators are also predicting an increase in sales of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which are expected to rise to $ 15 billion next year.
Vaccines, the health authorities of the world recall, are themajor antidote to the Delta variant. «They work. The chances of getting seriously ill are very low»When you are fully vaccinated, reiterated Anthony Fauci, the American super expert. Whoever contracts the virus even if vaccinated is “likely” to be “asymptomatic or with minimal symptoms – he added -. So the vaccine does exactly what we want, to protect against getting sick ».

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Pfizer Moderna raised prices vaccines

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