The tobacco multinational Logista fires 90 workers via WhatsApp

The tobacco multinational Logista fires 90 workers via WhatsApp
The tobacco multinational Logista fires 90 workers via WhatsApp

“From Monday 2 August you will be released from work. Best regards”. A Whatsapp message of 80 characters, including spaces, to dismiss the employees of the Bologna branch of Logista, a multinational monopolist in the distribution of tobacco.

The words of the union

It is 10pm on Saturday 31 July when a notification on the most popular web messaging system arrives on the cell phones of 90 or so people (warehouse workers, clerical staff, security staff and cleaning staff). have more work. The news is reported by the Si Cobas union. “Many of them are on vacation. None of them in these two years of pandemic had ever stopped to rest, because tobacco is known to be considered an essential activity. Even in the face of an outbreak, the multinational did not want to close a single day. And so while the workers are enjoying their rest, Logista Italia SpA carries on its restructuring plan and, taking advantage of a general crisis that has not suffered, it fires everyone “.

The relocation

Logista would be willing to relocate the business to other Italian sites, moving the warehouses to Anagni and Tortona, where – according to the union – “the cost of labor is lower, there are still cooperatives, they still work 12 hours a day, the levels of employment are the lowest provided for by the CCNL, there are no meal vouchers “, in short,” where there are no rights. For Si Cobas, in fact, the problem of the Bologna site would not be linked to productivity but to the cost of labor considered excessive. “The older ones have been there for 15 years and remember well what the far west of logistics was: 15/16 hours of work, 900 euro paychecks, no security, hiring and exploitation. At that time Logista was happy with its production site. at the Bologna Interport. In 2013 the workers began to organize themselves with Sicobas and first obtained respect for basic rights, then a clear improvement in their economic conditions, adequate levels of employment, good enough and productivity bonuses etc etc, but above all they obtained their dignity. Logista does not close due to crisis but out of hunger for profit “.


tobacco multinational Logista fires workers WhatsApp

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