Mps, Unicredit, Siena: the last fool of the Democratic Party

00:00 Grand casino Mps, the usual fool of the Democratic Party.

04:57 Green pass: the Courier service enthusiastic that Landini is in favor. I swear it opens the Corriere della Sera, stuff you would not believe it.

07:37 Word to the diners.

08:04 Green pass and trains: we discuss (and argue) in the government.

09:40 Word to the diners.

10:05 Health conspiracy, Michele Brambilla is right. The way is going crazy …

11:50 am Brunetta calls Massimo Cacciari a “bearded woman”.

13:10 The usual interview with politicians in which they don’t say anything. Today is Brunetta and Gentiloni’s turn.

14:05 Italian funds make half of European ones. What is happening?

15:00 Stop everyone: Giannini criticizes the Cartabia reform and he tells us that he was an assistant at Sapienza.

17:10 Molinari and Draghi’s Achilles’ heel: theimmigration.


Mps Unicredit Siena fool Democratic Party

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