from today the cost of many offers increases

As already announced, starting today 1 August 2021 the cost of many WindTre offers will increase. Bad news for some customers

Some changes to the WindTre offerings (Adobe Stock) come into effect today Sunday, August 1st

These are weeks of great news also for what concerns the main ones telephone operators in Italy. In addition to the many offers that are being launched in view of this last month of summer, several companies have communicated price increases to some of the promos already available for customers.

It is the case of WindTre that, from today August 1, 2021, will apply a linked remodeling to some landline offers. Specifically, there will be contractual changes on the monthly costs that also reach 4 euros more every month. In some cases, the provider will simultaneously apply a corresponding temporary discount, valid until payment is completed for the installment purchase of the modem.

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WindTre, remodeling starting today: the news

Here are all the news that come into force starting today (PixaBay)

Starting today Sunday August 1, WindTre will apply some remodeling to yours fixed network offers. They range from a minimum increase of 2 euro to a maximum of 4 euros per month, with the immediate change coming into force. The actual list of promos involved is not yet known, but they will still be applied discounts until the end of the installment payment of the modem. “The need to change the positioning of the offer has arisen, with the need to allow WindTre to continue to provide service levels in line with the growing needs of the market” and the motivation provided by the telephone operator to its customers involved.

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According to what was told by MondoMobileWeb experts, in reality, the monthly discount on the invoice until the modem payment is completed will be motivated by a commercial choice, and therefore not tied to the selling cost of the modem itself. Who signed a contract that provided for a tied or locked pricemoreover, it has the possibility of immediately making a report to the Customer Service 159. If the answer is affirmative, WindTre will proceed to restore the previous contractual conditions.


today cost offers increases

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