Honda CRF250R, new in enduro for 2022

Honda CRF250R, new in enduro for 2022
Honda CRF250R, new in enduro for 2022

Honda presented the new CRF250R motorcycle, which completes the high-level performance range of the CRF 2022. In the wake of the success of the CRF450R, the new model has some improvements which refers to the concept of “Razor Sharp Cornering”. The new 250 bike becomes easier to ride and allows both professionals and amateurs to be faster in all terrain conditions.

The CRF250R 2022 is built taking the frame and swingarm of the previous 2021 version, known to most for being the motorcycle of Slovenian motocross world champion Tim Gajser in the MXGP class. This variant additionally features engine upgrades, a new 9-disc clutch and a rebuilt fork that offers overall weight savings of over 3 kilograms.

Honda CRF250R benefits from significant overhauls of the exhaust and intake system in order to optimize efficiency, which include a larger airbox, recalibration of the injector angle, reinterpretation of valve lift, reformulation of the straight exhaust duct with a lighter silencer . Overall, these improvements result in an additional 10% of maximum power, an additional 15% of low-mid-range torque and improved throttle response.

From Tim Gajser’s bike, the new creation inherits the chassis and stiffness balance which, together with the newly built Showa fork, greatly improve handling and steering precision in even the most tortuous curves.

The superstructures were built from scratch and designed using an advanced computational fluid dynamics system. The radiator guards are produced in one piece and the new fins improve the air flow to the radiator. The saddle is slightly shorter and lower, more than 10mm at the rear, with the rider having more freedom of movement.

The CRF 2022 family will be present in the FULL RED color, but the list price for the Italian market is not yet known.

Honda boasts a long experience in the production of enduro motorcycles: the first motocross bike of the Japanese company dates back as far as 1973, almost half a century ago.

The new Honda CRF250R is based on the version used by Slovenian motocross world champion, MXGP category, Tim Gajser and is suitable for professionals and amateurs

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