Car tax: finally you no longer pay! That’s for whom

Car tax: finally you no longer pay! That’s for whom
Car tax: finally you no longer pay! That’s for whom

The latest news on car tax is very comfortable. The first measures to cancel the vehicle tax begin to arrive. An unexpected surprise for millions of motorists, who will be reimbursed where the regional tax has been regulated. This is to ensure a greater economic resource in the pockets of citizens.

Let’s start by clarifying that among the first acts issued by the Draghi government there is the zeroing of tax debts, as provided for in a provision of the Sostegni decree. This means that between the uncollected taxes from the Collector there are millions of payment deeds attributable to the failure to regularize the car tax which perfectly fit into the tax amnesty launched by the Executive.

Let’s talk about the cancellation of tax bills up to a maximum value of 5,000 euros, which fall within the period of time between 2000 and up to 2010. The Revenue Agency – Collection is preparing to write off all the tax debts referring to the time period indicated above, allowing millions of taxpayers to see all of them canceled the disputes relating to the car tax and more.

The real news came following theissuing of the provision linked to the implementing decree promoted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of 14 July 2021.

Meanwhile, the official character of the text is missing, but the contents have been made public. The dates of August and November acquire particular relevance. In fact, the Revenue Agency – Collection by the date of August 20, 2021 will have to launch into cross-checks thus embracing the data present in the Revenue Agency. This is an almost obligatory passage of tax codes relating to the identification of the possible beneficiaries of the tax amnesty.

Thereafter, by the date Identified in November 30, 2021, the Debtor forwards the communication to the taxpayers concerning the cancellation of the debts registered in the role and which fall within the benefit of the write-off. A decisive step that frees the taxpayer from paying the tax bills with the subject: car tax, INPS, IMU, TARI and so on. These are not the only innovations, in fact there are several regional measures that lead to the suspension of the payment of the car tax with relative reimbursement.

Who canceled the payment of the car tax?

At the regional level, there were various interventions aimed at the deferral and suspension of the car tax. The unexpected news came from Lombardy region that arranged the cancellation of the regional tax relative to the year 2020. At the same time, it launched a reimbursement protocol, in order to return the amounts already paid to taxpayers.

Guido Guidesi councilor for economic development of the Lombardy Region, clarified that the provision relating to the cancellation and reimbursement of the motor vehicle tax it does not affect all citizens. But, it is a benefit reserved for those who have suffered a loss of revenue. Identified as a reduction in turnover due to the presence of the economic crisis produced by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Lombardy Region has ordered the rredemption of the 2020 car tax in favor of commercial intermediaries. A provision that follows the many already operational applied in the previous awards, in which the Region has issued the exemption from the payment of the vehicle tax for 2021. A provision aimed at the benefit of vehicles with driver, in particular in favor of tax, buses , rental cars and so on.

At this point, it is possible that other interventions follow the Lombardy initiative. In fact, we expect the zeroing or, at least the ctemporary cancellation of the Superbollo which weighs on cars with a particularly high displacement.

For now, on 7 June 2021 the Lombardy Region has issued a reimbursement of the regional tax, allowing citizens to have access to a grant. This is because, basically, the amount relating to the car tax already paid does not follow the refund through the normal IRPEF deductions or in the way of the tax credit. But, taxpayers receive the paid amount of the car tax reimbursed by crediting their current account.

In this respect, they are entitled to reimbursement of the 2020 regional tax micro-enterprises recorded in the Business Register in relation to 4-wheel vehicles that refer to mopeds.

Speaking of the car tax, we remind you that it is ua tax with a regional character, that is, managed independently by the Region to which it belongs. Here, explained, is the reason why each Region can, in full and free autonomy, dispose of the measures aimed at zeroing, suspending and reimbursing the vehicle tax.

Who can benefit from the discount on the 2021 car tax payment?

In the absence of particular regional regulations that lead to the suspension, deferral or cancellation of the motor vehicle tax citizens can apply for a discount on payment.

Also in this case, the Lombardy Region can access one 15% discount through the activation of the bank domiciliation. In other words, by arranging for the car tax to be charged, the Region applies a discount on the amount to be paid.

The Campania Region recognizes the discount on the payment of the regional tax, albeit to a slightly reduced extent. In any case, let’s talk about the possibility of being able to get one 10% discount% on the activation of the bank domiciliation.

Super stamp towards cancellation!

On the national front it is clear that the Superbollo 2021 theme acquires a very relevant character. Here, explained the presence of the motion for the elimination of the Superbollo promoted a few months ago by the Honorable Manuela Gagliardi.

In this case, we are talking about measures of a national nature, motivated to revive the industrial sector, as well as guaranteeing a economic benefit for a wide audience of motorists.

It is possible that this proposal will be approved by the Draghi government, as can the opposite. The issue seems easy, but it isn’t. The first obstacles affect the environmental impact closely linked to the thrust of the sale of polluting vehicles, compared to other less polluting ones. This is why both Europe and Italy would like to bring about the cancellation of polluting vehicles from circulation, allowing electric vehicles to acquire more space in the community.

The National Union of Foreign Motor Vehicle Representatives (Unrae) recognized that the elimination of the Superbollo tax it would economically favor a good chunk of motorists. And, at the same time, more space would be left for the sale of vehicles that fall within the range of those more polluting, reported with CO2 emissions. This would lead to a conflict with the directives promoted both by the European Union and by Italy.

We recommend watching the AutoeTechTv Youtube video that illustrates the reasons for the Superbollo farewell.

When can you apply for exemption from the payment of the car tax?

Not all citizens are bound by the payment of the motor vehicle tax, in fact, there is the possibility of having access to concessions governed by the law.

For this reason, the disabled people, with disability ascertained by INPS, according to the rules laid down by Law 104, the normal principles on the payment of the car tax 2021 do not apply, but they can adhere to the exemption from payment valid for all years.

About this, vehicles over 30 years old, ie with a registration date dating back more than 30 years and which are included in the lists of historic vehicles, a reduction of the payment of the regional tax in the percentage of 50% is applied.

While, on the electric cars the measures are different, but above all, they vary from region to region. Generally speaking, there is talk of an exemption from paying the car tax of a minimum of 5 years, always starting from the registration date. In any case, it must be said that each region has applied discounts, reductions or exemptions for this type of car.

For what concern Super stamp on electric cars, the same rules as described above apply, that is a 5-year exemption. However, after this time period, reductions are applied by virtue of the nature of the electric vehicle. In fact, there is talk of a rate that brings a discount of 12 euros applied to each excess kilowatt.

What changes for the car tax in the regions: Veneto, Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna

In general, the number of measures passed by the regions is closely linked to the time frame referred to the implementation of the restrictive measures advanced by the Italian government to contain the spread of the health crisis from Covid-19. This is why it is not excluded that in the presence of further restrictive measures the regions activate special protocols for the benefit of all citizens.

In this sense, a protocol of interruption of the payment of the car tax advanced by the Regions: Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont.

Specifically, the provision on the car tax promoted by the Emilia Romagna and Veneto Region provide for the interruption of payment until day 31 July 2021. In other words, motorists whose regional tax falls as an expiration date in the period of May 2021, can regularize the payment by day 2 August 2021.

At the same time, the Piemonte region has promoted a truce measure on the regularization of the motor vehicle tax up to day 31 July 2021. In other words, motorists whose regional tax falls as an expiration date in the period of June 2021, can regularize the payment by day 2 August 2021.

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