Mercedes EQE: the first images

Mercedes EQE: the first images
Mercedes EQE: the first images

MERCEDES LEADING – The IAA Mobility in Munich, which will take place from 7 to 12 September 2021 (who read more), will mark a fresh start for the international show season. The great protagonist will be the Mercedes, which will bring a total of eight previews, five of which powered by the electric motor, including the first Smart SUV (who to know more).

LET’S TAKE A PEEK – Among the most awaited news is the Mercedes EQE, a luxury electric sedan, similar in size to the E-Class, belonging to the EQ family. The German house has released two teaser images where you can see the trend of the tail, in perfect coupé style, and the rear lights connected by a red LED line. The EQE is based on the same EVA platform as the flagship EQS (first contact here) and will be produced in the German plant in Bremen and in the Chinese plant in Beijing.

OTHER NEWS – Among the other novelties of Mercedes for the IIA Mobility there will be the seven-seater version of the EQB electric SUV, a concept that anticipates the future of the luxury brand Maybach in the era of electric mobility and the Mercedes-AMG C63 with the new system hybrid E Performance, based on a 4-cylinder engine, the first of a new family of high-performance plug-in hybrid engines (who to know more).


Mercedes EQE images

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