The portable compressor to inflate tires in an emergency

The portable compressor to inflate tires in an emergency
The portable compressor to inflate tires in an emergency

The time has finally come to enjoy the holidays and take back your free time. Possibly without any new contingencies or box bugs, like looking for a mechanic for fix the tires of a car or a bike while we go to the beach, or without going crazy to clean the garden and the windows of the house or simply inflate the dinghy on the beach.

To avoid the risk of ruining your holidays or to have fun with some DIY work, a device is available inexpensive and not bulky, easy to carry and to buy: we are talking about the digital portable compressor, which can be found for less than 30 euros on Amazon, where it enjoys countless positive reviews.

How the digital portable compressor works

To use the compressor e inflate the tires of your car in an emergency, you don’t need to be a Formula 1 mechanic: simply set the desired pressure on the display of the device and apply the compressor nozzle, from which the air comes out, to the wheel valve. After a few seconds, the compressor will start inflating the tires automatically. The digital models, when they reach the desired pressure, stop in by themselves, so as to avoid the risk of overinflation or low tire pressure.

Driving safety

Beyond the unforeseen events that could ruin our holidays, there is a real safety issue. The big danger is related to tire pressure: a difference of a few tenths of a bar between the wheels placed on the same axle (front or rear) could, in fact, compromise the control of the car and cause skidding. Especially in periods of exceptional heat, a simple portable compressor can help us check the tire pressure and easily arrange our vehicle in an emergency

WindGallop Portable Compressor

The model chosen by us is the WindGallop Portable Compressor, which is available on Amazon for less than 30 euros and which enjoys over 600 positive reviews.

We recommend this model, first of all, because allows you to inflate the tires of a car in just 5 minutes, with a much easier, safer and more immediate system than manual and foot pumps. It also comes with a 3 meter power cable that connects to the cigarette lighter and fits almost any car, and with a flashing red flashlight, very useful during difficult night emergencies.

The WindGallop Portable Compressor also impresses us for its reliability and quality: the resistant ABS plastic with which it was built and the internal part made of stainless steel, make it one safe and professional tool.

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