Stellantis prepares other cuts, at risk 700 Sevel precarious

Stellantis prepares other cuts, at risk 700 Sevel precarious
Stellantis prepares other cuts, at risk 700 Sevel precarious

Over seven hundred precarious workers of Sevel di Val di Sangro could be left at home after the summer holidays. It is the fear of the unions who say they are ready to strike if the company that belongs to the Stellantis group does not decide to insure the future of these workers, many of whom are from Molise.

A real paradox, given that the high productivity of the factory is well known produces the Fiat Ducato. The national secretary Fim Cisl, Ferdinando Uliano, speaks of a “situation that is no longer acceptable”. “The shifts have increased from 15 to 17, up to 18 and the forecast for this year is to reach over 300,000 commercial vehicles produced, an incredible result in the history of Sevel as usual”.

To better understand the situation, Uliano himself makes a comparison with the past. “In 2016, 290,000 vans were produced and 6,059 Sevel workers with permanent contracts; in 2021 there will be over 300,000 vehicles and Sevel workers are 5,670 and currently 705 workers are administered”.

By administered are meant 625 people in staff leasing, i.e. with permanent contracts for a temporary agency, and 80 workers who have instead a fixed-term contract expiring in September 2021. In all, 705 people who risk being left at home soon or without work. Among them, it should be remembered, there are many Molisans, both in the Trignina area and in the coastal towns.

There are also rumors of a possible short-term decline in production, due to the shortage of raw materials arriving from China. One such a stop had already occurred in mid-July but lasted less than 48 hours.

The fact is that there is a lack of clarity. Stellantis at the moment has adopted the old system of sorting employees from one plant to another. “It has reduced internal workers and increased transferees” sums up Uliano. So a few weeks ago, workers arrived at Sevel from Fiat in Termoli, but also from Melfi, Cassino and Pomigliano. In this way 130 permanent contracts were not extended.

“We have opened the cooling procedure, we are ready to strike and stop production in the only plant of the Stellantis group that is operating at full capacity”. The declaration of the national secretary Fim Cisl in relation to the Atessa plant looks like an ultimatum. “We don’t want to be fooled; it has never happened in the history of the Ducato establishment that an increase in production volumes corresponded to a decrease in permanent employment and an increase in precarious workers. Never, neither with Fiat nor with FCA ”.

But since the birth of Stellantis, the result of the FCA-PSA (Peugeot-Citroen) merger, the music has changed. The new group seems to want to rationalize as much as possible, even at the cost of bloody staff cuts. They know this well at Fiat in Termoli, where not even the news of the construction of the Gigafactory makes you sleep soundly. In recent weeks, the procedures for the voluntary departures of at least 100 employees. They could be the first of a long series.

Fiat, the Gigafactory does not give certainty about the workplace. The company prepares the plan for voluntary layoffs

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