who will have to return the contributions

There is a growing fear for VAT numbers of having to return the non-repayable contributions obtained with the aid measures against Covid 19.


The Sostegni Bis Decree included a measure aimed at VAT numbers. It provided for the disbursement of non-repayable contributions to support a category brought to its knees by the pandemic. The deadline for applications for support was a few months ago and are now in place payments through automatic bank transfers. The controls of the Revenue Agency, however, never stop and if an irregularity in the composition of the application were found, there would be the risk of not receiving the amount or even having to return the sum already received.

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VAT numbers: what the Revenue Agency controls

It is good to clarify what are the cases in which the Revenue Agency could request the return of the contribution or block its delivery. The decision is based on an incorrect compilation of the non-repayable fund application. The inaccuracy could be due to carelessness or it might be wanted to obtain a contribution to which you were not entitled.

The tax authorities therefore proceed with tight controls to prevent clever people from taking advantage of Covid aid. Under the magnifying glass are mainly i access requirements to measure. In addition, the data checks must confirm that the amount requested corresponds to the exact sum to which you are entitled and that the applicant has no relationship with organized crime.

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What happens in case of inaccuracies


If the Revenue Agency were to understand through the checks that the applicant had no right to the contribution, it will act accordingly. The first step will be the start of the recovery procedure of the lost fund accompanied by a penalty with an amount between 100% and 200% of the sum requested and unduly paid.

If the contribution paid is less than 4 thousand euros, VAT numbers will have to pay a penalty of an amount included between 5,164 euros and 25,822 euros. This is because the sum cannot be more than three times higher than the contribution. In addition to the sanction, then, the VAT numbers that have declared the false risk imprisonment from 6 months up to 3 years.

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How to return the contribution

It is possible that the holder of the VAT number autonomously realizes the compilation error. In order not to risk having to pay a heavy fine or end up in prison, in this case it would be advisable to proceed with active repentance. We are talking about a legal institution that aims to allow the taxpayer to regularize his position. It is implemented with the compilation of the model F24. In any case, it will result in the payment of a fine but of a significantly lower amount than expected if the tax authorities detect the error.

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