Lapo Elkann sells his company and launches into a new business

Lapo Elkann amazed with a move that few could have imagined. Let’s find out the reasons for this decision and its business

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A decision that few expected the one taken by Lapo Elkann in the last few hours. And that has caught the attention of the media all over the world. The interests of the Agnelli family in fact never go unnoticed, above all because it refers to one of the most important and influential industrial groups in Italy and in the world. Not only the automotive sector with Fiat and Ferrari, there is much more around Agnelli.

In our country the family, which in the past has seen the figure of Gianni as an icon of Italianness in the world, it continues to attract general attention. Even with the Juventus property which boasts millions of fans in many countries. Lapo was also exposed, often also for personal events that were not exactly exciting.

The scion of the Agnelli family is not new to certain decisions that have sometimes been considered risky or unscrupulous. But the business often does not go hand in hand with affective issues, and reason must take precedence over sentiment.

Lapo Elkann, here is his new business

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Lapo Elkann’s decision to sell his Garage Italy a Youngtimers Ag, a company listed on the Swiss stock exchange, the Swiss Stock Exchange, was unexpected for many. In fact, this is not a full-fledged sale, considering that the exponent of the Agnelli family has nevertheless maintained the 23.04% quoted of the new company. Youngtimers is an active reality in the collector car market.

A sector that Lapo knows very well and that is beginning to make its way in the world of e-commerce to extend the borders. The share of 35 million euros coming from Youngtimers will be used to finance strategic acquisitions in the auto market. In any case, Lapo will remain within the new company not as president.

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But the real news for the exponent of the family is that of the creation of a new startup, a newco called Love, which will operate in the nautical sector.


Lapo Elkann sells company launches business

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