R5 T3, a restomod refreshes the legend of the Renault house – Classiche

Although in Italy the car sector boasts cars of enormous rallying depth, particularly when it comes to the Lancia brand, it cannot be denied that other cars also brought prestige to the category between the end of the seventies and the beginning of the nineties. A perfect example is the Renault 5 Turbo, beloved on all sides of the Alps, from Sicily to the United Kingdom. Today, seeing one around original, the palpitations come. But there are also those who submit it to restomod: and there the judgment is also left to personal taste as the subject is always controversial.

The French of Legende Automobiles have prepared a restomod dedicated to this car. What came out of it, the R5 T3, is something very aggressive and certainly attractive. The original car is a three-door R5. The bodywork was handcrafted, mainly working with carbon fiber to keep the weight low. It is very large to accommodate 16-inch front wheels. The headlights are LED but the style is the original one; at the rear there is a rather evident spoiler, with a contrasting color.

The twin tailpipes are housed in the rear diffuser, square in shape to pay homage to Renault’s angular design. With a double wishbone suspension, the suspension is another homage to the rally world, while in the cockpit the analog instrument cluster has been replaced with fully digital dials.

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There is also dual-zone automatic climate control and ultra-thin seats with lateral support and sports belts. Behind is a roll-bar positioned above the engine compartment. By the way, the turbocharged four-cylinder produces 400 horsepower. The original transmission has been replaced with a modern management, with a manual option available on request. The steering wheel is also anything but classic. Finally, to conclude, the choice of the gray color is excellent, as mentioned with red contrasting elements, which is undoubtedly modern.


restomod refreshes legend Renault house Classiche

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