Tesla Semi: almost 900kWh capacity batteries

Tesla Semi: almost 900kWh capacity batteries
Tesla Semi: almost 900kWh capacity batteries

In recent days we have reported, with this news, how Tesla is approaching production and therefore the next delivery of its own Semi, its own electric truck which, in the company’s intentions, is destined to revolutionize the way goods are transported by road.

Tesla Semi, class 8 semi-trailer, is an electric truck capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 20 seconds under load conditions of 36 tons, while its maximum speed on climbs with a 5% gradient will be 105 km / h. The truck will be powered by 4 independent motors on the rear axles and will consume less than 1.25 kWh / km, according to Tesla estimates. Tesla has anticipated that there will be two versions, with range options of 483km and 804km for $ 150,000 and $ 180,000 respectively.

To ensure such a high range, combined with the power required to move a truck with a trailer loaded with goods, it will take a battery pack of adequate capacity. Tesla has not disclosed this data and it is conceivable that it never will, given the choice made previously for its Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y cars.

Insideevs reported the estimates made by engineer Keith Ritter, who starting from an online video has elaborated the quantities and arrangement of the battery packs that Tesla Semi will be equipped with. The final capacity amounts to 878kWh, a quantity that is comparable to that of approximately 11 Tesla Model 3 Long Range now commercially available.

Change the power system, being according to the estimates of one 850V structure versus the 400V structure currently adopted by Tesla for its vehicles. In this way it will be possible to recharge the batteries faster, a procedure that will certainly not be quick given the overall capacity and that will require Tesla to develop new charging stations specific to Tesla Semi to presumably complement its Supercharger network. All that remains now is to see it on the roads, even if it will certainly take a long time at least for the European market.

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