very long waiting times for registrations

very long waiting times for registrations
very long waiting times for registrations

A problem that now affects several people: the registration of foreign cars, in Friuli Venezia Giulia, it becomes almost impossible. “For about two years we have had problems with the Civil Motorization of Udine to register cars imported from abroad (EU). In these two years we have had periods where it almost took us two months to have the ok to enroll, because nationalizations imposed on foreign citizens residing in Italy were blamed, and very rare periods in which the operation was authorized in about ten days“. To report the fact, Gianni De Sabbata of the Alpe Adria car showroom. “The wait has long since passed the month. At the moment we have files delivered on June 16th and 17th, but other colleagues they point out to me files delivered even before those given».

An unsustainable situation from various points of view, both in terms of image and economics. “We cannot charge the customer in full for the cars more than one month before delivery, especially when the customer has requested a loan and would risk paying the first installment even before having collected the car. Among other things, the finance companies ask for a copy of the passbook to provide for the liquidation … and therefore no registration no balance“The continued each week.

As for the damage to image, for retailers it is a question of making it clear where the mechanism jams and that the responsibility is not theirs. “Customers often think that the discomfort it is our fault or that, given the car’s foreign origin, there is something unclear about the sale. They also get impatient for the long wait since we promised the matriculation in about three weeks sticking to what happened until a few months ago».

Abroad, in neighboring countries such as Austria and Slovenia, this type of practices are processed within a day, moreover at a much lower cost, approximately one tenth of what happens in Italy. The example of the Udine retailer also makes it clear what the loss is in economic terms. “We currently have awaiting registration cars for a value of about 100,000 euros to which others will soon be added for a further 100,000 – continues De Sabbata – thus bringing our “still” capital to about 200,000 euros. We had to arrange for one of our customers who absolutely needs a car rent a car (at our expense) at a cost of 60 euros per day. His practice has stopped since June 17 and to date we have no idea when the registration will be authorized“. The profit margins are therefore not large and the expectations worsen the situation. “Although we have pointed out the problem, the DMV apparently did not take any provision to speed up these practices“. For De Sabbata the problem is generalized since, apparently, the delays also concern other areas of competence of the civilian motor vehicle.


«There is talk of digitalization of de-bureaucratization and here we find ourselves waiting exaggerated times for a simple bureaucratic practice that among other things brings the IPT tax to the regional coffers, which is paid on the basis of the kW of power, which on average varies between 400 and 500 euros or more. The Motorization belongs to the Region who, despite knowing, in these two years has not been able to fix things. Just to give an idea, each DMV of each province has “its” forms for this type of practice“Shut up from Saturday. “Sometimes I doubt that there is a will to penalize imports parallel to favor authorized dealers, but I hope it’s just my assumption. In any case, working in this way, for us who import cars from other EU countries at the same time, is becoming impossible and frustrating. You feel like giving up everything».

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