New Tesla Model S, Elon Musk confirms: no traditional steering wheel

New Tesla Model S, Elon Musk confirms: no traditional steering wheel
New Tesla Model S, Elon Musk confirms: no traditional steering wheel

When Tesla presented the new Model S and Model X, the choice of introducing the volante “yoke” with a very particular shape that has been the subject of much discussion. However, it was thought that the automaker could also offer a traditional solution. In this regard, there were several clues that made him think. In fact, an image of the interior with a round steering wheel was found within the configurator code. This image, however, was later removed from the servers.

Furthermore, before the start of deliveries of the new Model S Plaid, several prototypes characterized by the presence of a traditional steering wheel had been intercepted on the road.

Therefore, everything suggested that Tesla could also offer its customers a classic solution as an alternative. However, with the start of deliveries of the electric sedan, all cars only featured the yoke steering wheel. To definitively clarify this question we thought Elon Musk who replying to a user on Twitter who asked if there was any possibility that Tesla could offer a traditional steering wheel, he simply said no.

A statement that puts an end to previous speculations. The new Model S, therefore, will only have the yoke steering wheel. An interesting position, especially since, recently, Musk had admitted that this wheel could lead users to accidental button presses touch present on the spokes. A problem that, however, according to the CEO, should be solved with future software updates as the car will be able to recognize when a driver accidentally presses a button.

In any case, the steering wheel also received some positive criticism, especially with regards to the improved visibility. However, for the lucky owners of the new Model S who won’t be able to adapt to the new steering wheel, it looks like they are on the way prodotti aftermaket which will make it possible to have a traditional solution.


Tesla Model Elon Musk confirms traditional steering wheel

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