Coronavirus, Gimbe: “Slow descent of cases and critical hospital situation. Objectives of Figliuolo’s vaccine plan still far away”

Coronavirus, Gimbe: “Slow descent of cases and critical hospital situation. Objectives of Figliuolo’s vaccine plan still far away”
Coronavirus, Gimbe: “Slow descent of cases and critical hospital situation. Objectives of Figliuolo’s vaccine plan still far away”
A “Slow descent” gods contagion and a vaccination plan “still far” from targets set for April from the Figliuolo plan. The new monitoring of the Gimbe Foundation, referring to the week between March 31 and April 6, reports a situation of stability of the epidemiological curve on unsustainable numbers for hospitals and warns about the “trial by fire” for the vaccination campaign “made even more difficult” by the problems associated with the new limitations for Astrazeneca.

Compared to the previous week, the Foundation records a decrease in new cases, passed by 141.396 a 125.695 (-11.1%) to be linked in part to “the net reduction of the testing activity “in the days of Easter holidays. “Also i deaths (2,868 vs. 3,000), and almost currently positive (555,705 vs 562,832) and people in home isolation (522,625 vs 529,885) ”, reports the monitoring, while the i hospitalizations with symptoms (29,337 vs 29,231) and the terapie intensive (3,743 vs 3,716). This is the third consecutive week of “slow descent”, explains the president Nino Cartabellotta. “Although the decline in recent days – he underlines – is overestimated due to the collapse oftesting activities during the Easter period “. Compared to the previous 7 days, 128,141 fewer people were tested than the previous week e -304.499 compared to that earlier. “If nationally the percentage change of new cases and the currently positive cases are decreasing, the percentage change of new cases grows in 4 Regions, particularly in Sicily e Sardinia where the increase exceeds 50%. Finally, in 10 Regions, the increase in currently positive cases unequivocally attests that the decline in new cases is still small ”, continues Cartabellotta.

“The slowness with which the new cases come down – he says Renata Gili, Head of Healthcare Research at Gimbe – together with limited vaccination coverage of the more fragile subjects do not allow to reduce the pressure on hospitals, where the situation remains critical ”. The alert thresholds for occupancy of the beds by Covid patients in medical area and in intensive care stand respectively at 44% and al 41%, with 8 Regions above the threshold for the medical area and 14 above the threshold for intensive care. “For the latter, the exceeding of 50% in Piedmont, Autonomous Province of Trento, Market, Valle d’Aosta, with a peak of 60% in Lombardy”, explains the Foundation.

“The slow descent of infections in the last two weeks – adds Cartabellotta – overestimated by drastic drop in tampons must not feed unrealistic illusions. Today we are in full swing third wave, with a very critical hospital situation in over half of the Regions ”. On the front vaccines, the pace of the campaign “is still far from targets set for April from plan Son, the AstraZeneca case risks determining further slowdowns, vaccination coverage of Senior citizens is still insufficient and that of fragile subjects not known ”, says the president of the Foundation. “Finally, in the plan of reopenings it is essential to take into account that they have not been implemented structural interventions born in health level (testing & tracing enhancement) or at system level (means of transport, ventilation for schools and public premises, etc.) – concludes Cartabellotta – In this scenario, it is up to the Draghi government difficult political choices to reconcile the Right to health with the other rights and freedoms protected by the Constitution in order to allow the relaunch of economic activities and the recovery of the country “.

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