Layoffs at Saint-Gobain, 4-hour workers’ strike

Layoffs at Saint-Gobain, 4-hour workers’ strike
Layoffs at Saint-Gobain, 4-hour workers’ strike

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TERMOLI. The workers of the Gyproc-Saint-Gobain plant in Termoli and the workers of the quarry of the same Plant strike in a unified manner in the last 4 hours of each shift in front of the gates of the Termoli plant and the Guglionesi quarry.

The redundancies implemented by the company, with the motivation “… for economic reasons ..” are not reflected in the increase in the construction sector, they are above all not reflected in the request supported by the company for the continuous cycle within the company for greater productivity, and finally does not match the objectives achieved by the Termoli plant that the company has determined.

The incongruity of the reasons for new hires in recent weeks and the search for new figures on the Company website is contested, compared to the dismissal of a worker a few years after retirement.

The Fillea CGIL, Feneal Uil and Filca -Cisl, together with all workers contest the reasons that led to the exit and suppression of jobs. After the release of the layoffs wanted by the Government and Confindustria, many companies and multinationals have started or are about to start layoffs, even unmotivated. The trade unions consider it unacceptable by a multinational company that boasts significant investments in the Termoli plant and in the Guglionesi quarry, which makes production and safety its flagship, which is awarded and defined one of the best companies in Europe , initiates dismissal procedures in an area already tormented by unemployment.

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