Tesla, the first deliveries of the restyled Model S are delayed

It seems that the market launch of the Tesla Model S and Model X restylings may be delayed compared to the original timelines. According to reports, some customers who had ordered the new Model S have received a communication that the delivery date has been postponed by an average of about two months. Most of them had estimated delivery dates for the months of March and April, but have now been moved between May and July.

Tesla seems to have found some production problems which led to these delays. For the restyled models, the manufacturer had had to retool the production lines but several weeks ago he declared that he had almost completed this operation. It is not clear what the real reason for this delay could be. The restyling introduced several innovations, especially at the interior level.

It is speculated that a possible reason could be sought in the development of new car software. The new models have different displays and therefore the automaker had to completely overhaul the user interface. Also, as it was possible to discover some time ago, the new Model S and Model X will debut the new V11 version of Tesla’s software. As mentioned, these are speculations but it would not be strange if this were really the problem given the past of the American brand in the long development times of new software solutions.

This delay is also reflected in the delivery times for those who intend to order one of the new electric cars today. The times, in fact, have lengthened. At this point all that remains is to wait for direct information from Tesla to understand exactly when the first deliveries will begin. The arrival in the hands of the first customers of the new Model S and Model X is important to discover all the secrets of these cars. For example, there is curiosity to understand if it is really possible choose a traditional steering wheel instead of the very particular one shown by Tesla. In addition, there will be the opportunity to discover in detail the news of the new software.


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