who is afraid of the troubles of the former commissioner – Il Tempo

who is afraid of the troubles of the former commissioner – Il Tempo
who is afraid of the troubles of the former commissioner – Il Tempo

Francesco Storace

08 April 2021

Why Roberto Fico, Speaker of the House, does not pull out the proposal for a parliamentary inquiry into the troubles combined by the former Covid emergency commissioner, Domenico Arches? Are over a hundred thousand deaths not enough to demand transparency on what has been done in a really dark season? For over a month, the deputy of Brothers of Italy Andrea Delmastro filed a proposal to establish a commission of inquiry to investigate the mistakes made.

The President of the Chamber has not yet found a moment to assign the proposal to the competent committee to be able to approve it as soon as possible. It seems incredible but it is so. Yet there are really a lot of topics to investigate and Delmastro has summarized them well. Also because during the pandemic, “with sovereign contempt for the dead, people close to Commissioner Arcuri were doing millionaire deals”, writes the Fdi parliamentarian in support of his request.

Casini unspeakable, according to the meticulous reconstruction of Delmastro. Previously Arcuri had set a controlled price for the purchase of masks, without taking into account wholesalers and retailers, such as pharmacies, who in the meantime had purchased large quantities at market prices, significantly higher than those imposed. As was to be expected, this uneconomic situation caused a significant shortage of masks, forcing the commissioner to procure supplies from foreign markets, mainly China, and to resort to direct assignments or negotiated procedures. In particular, a supply of 801 million FFP3 masks, for which the State paid 1.25 billion euros, which the extraordinary Commissioner acquired through the intervention of two small Chinese companies, which would have supplied Italy with devices of individual protection of which the producers were not known instead of finding products already established on the market. The judiciary is making a clean sweep.

A role to be clarified was covered by Natale Errigo, consultant of Invitalia Spa and appointed in the structure of the extraordinary Commissioner. Natale Errigo was part of the team entrusted with the management of the distribution of products such as masks, individual safety devices and anti-COVID vaccines, as well as contact with suppliers and recipient structures. He ended up in jail.

The failure of the digital tracking system through the Immuni APP is worthy of further study and investigation by the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry proposed by Delmastro. The system had to be useful to contain and counter the epidemiological emergency from COVID19, because it is able to “help identify potentially infected individuals before symptoms emerge and, if carried out quickly enough, prevent subsequent transmission from secondary cases”.

Too bad that no one has trusted the system and everything has resulted in a resounding failure of the much-trumpeted application.

As regards the school environment, the commissioner management was given the task of finding the traditional single-seater benches and innovative equipped seats, the so-called wheeled benches, requested by the then Minister of Education, Lucia Azzolina. The European tender procedure for the supply of over two million counters for a value of 45 million euros ended just before September 2020, with an unjustified delay. The tender was won by eleven companies, including Nexus made Srl, a company specializing in the organization of events, with a share capital of just 4,000 euros, of which only 100 paid, which was deemed reliable in this regard. the supply of 180,000 furnishings, at a price of 247.80 euros each. Nobody has apologized yet.

The commission will also have to finish managing the vaccination campaign by Arcuri, in particular as regards the procurement of medical devices, luer lock syringes, and the construction of temporary vaccination centers.

For all this, a mountain of money was spent, without achieving noteworthy results. It also investigates the judiciary on the various strands, but there is also a need for an analysis of a political-parliamentary nature to prevent all this from happening again in the future. And it is really serious that President Fico does not grasp the immediate need to invest the Parliament by quickly examining the Delmastro proposal.

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