Istat, one in three companies at risk of survival

Istat, one in three companies at risk of survival
Istat, one in three companies at risk of survival

One in three companies at risk of survival, almost one in two “structurally” in crisis. And again: “Only 11% is solid, but it explains almost half of the employment and over two thirds of the total added value”. The 2021 Report on the competitiveness of productive sectors published by Istat shows the photograph of a country bent by the crisis and where the “added value decreased by 11.1% in industry in the strict sense, by 8.1% in services , 6.3% in construction and 6.0% in agriculture “. This is why 45% of companies, if exposed to an exogenous crisis, “would suffer consequences such as to jeopardize their operations”.

These are mostly companies in the low-tech and low-knowledge sectors: “The pandemic crisis – writes Istat – has also affected the financing strategies of companies which, to tackle the liquidity crisis, have used a wide range of of instruments in which bank credit has played a central role. In general, on the basis of the indications provided by companies for 2021, the changes to the financing channels induced by the pandemic appear transitory and linked mostly to the economic consequences of the health emergency. The insolvency of many companies, which constitutes the main risk in the coming months for the Italian production system, increases the exposure of the banking system to possible transmission of the shock from the non-financial segment, implying possible tensions both on the balance sheets of banks and on the bank-business relationships “.

Also for this reason, the Undersecretary of Defense, Giorgio Mulè, reiterated the need “for a new, immediate budget variance of at least 20 billion: it will be used to activate credit lines of up to 250 billion euros to provide loans guaranteed by the State to companies that invoice up to one million of the amount of 100 thousand euros to be repaid in thirty years “.

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