Stellantis, 800 early retirements by autumn. There is a fear of the Opel cure

Stellantis, 800 early retirements by autumn. There is a fear of the Opel cure
Stellantis, 800 early retirements by autumn. There is a fear of the Opel cure

Care Opel for the former Fca? Pending the launch of the industrial plan at the end of 2021-beginning of 2022, Stellantis has lifted the veil on 800 incentives for redundancies, from here to autumn, in Italy, focus on Piedmont. Spills managed plant by plant by company and unions in agreementl encourage early retirement from work for those within 48 months of retirement. Accompaniments that revive the ghost of the Opel model When Carlos Tavares, after having taken over the German brand from General Motors for 1.3 billion euros, he imposed a strong focus on operating costs in Germany with early retirements, voluntary exit plans e overall reduction of the occupational body for over a third, as a fundamental lever for the restructuring-relaunch of brand gods Rüsselsheim.

Stellantis, Ned Curic nuovo chief technology officer/Ned Curic, today vice president of Alexa Automotive of the group Amazon, from 30 August will take on the role of chief technology officer of Stellantis. Curic will return to the CEO Carlos Tavares and will manage all technology-related resources for the group, says a note from the auto giant. From 2015 to 2017, Curic was an EVP at Toyota Connected, with direct management of programmers engineers, data scientist e designer. Previously it was chief technology officer of Toyota Motor North America.

The agreement was signed in Mirafiori body shop for the incentivized exit of 160 employees, after that of last week for i 100 of the Maserati of Grugliasco. In the next few days, the redundancy incentive procedures will also open at Mechanics, all Hurry and to Construction of molds, all sectors located within Mirafiori, as well as to the Teksid of Carmagnola and to ex Tea of ​​Grugliasco, always part of the group Stellantis. It will also come in early September finalized and signed the agreement for the employees of the staff bodies (he calls them Stellantis), like theadministrative area is that research and development (with an expansion contract which includes 350 outputs e a hundred entrances to rejuvenate the workforce).

In this way, explained the Fiom-Cgil of Turin, it will come to a total of 800 employees that will come out of the former Fiat group, practically all in Turin. “A loss of jobs” which, according to Fiom of the Piedmontese capital, “is as if had suddenly closed a medium-sized factory in an area that in recent years has only seen business terminations and job losses “. And that adds to the newsflow negative for the Turin center of construction of the third gigafactory continental of Stellantis batteries for electric cars a Termoli.

Of course, it is true that in mid-2020 on the occasion of the 6.3 billion euro loan guaranteed by Sace, among the conditions required by the state, the former FCA had committed to confirming the employment plans in Italy and that after the merger with PSA the group reassured that no layoffs will be made for another three years after the operation, ma blue-suit unions fear that they are witnessing what happened silently from 2017 to 2020 in Germany as Opel passed from the Americans to the French.

(Continued: the Opel care of Tavares in Germany and the Stellantis table at Mise)


Stellantis early retirements autumn fear Opel cure

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