they called it the “flying coffin” strictly 2-stroke

The Yamaha RD 350 is one of the most popular sports bikes of the 80s that takes up the style of racing. It was called the “Flying Coffin”.

Yamaha RD 350 (

Produced from 1973 al 1994 is the motorcycle equipped with the 2-stroke engine of the Japanese house more performing of her category.

Produced in 4 serie several in quegl years passes by style gives motorcycle from travel to style from corsa to style biker.

In the first months of production, in 1973, it was sold and imported in Italy with an engine twin cylinder a 357cc 2-stroke engine, then reduced to 347cc for fiscal reasons, taking the name of RD 350. In the first year the bike was produced with both a 5-speed gearbox that 6 gears with the name of RD 350 A, while in the following year it was produced only with change a 6 gears taking the name of RD350 B.

Suitable for driving for i boys they had just completed 18 years, the RD 350 had many rivals with a very important name and now written in the history books of racing, the Honda CB 350, the first motorcycle with an engine 4 cylinders of medium displacement and the Moto Guzzi V35, the first Italian bike with a V-twin, motorcycles equipped with 4-stroke engine e power very different than the Japanese 2-stroke.

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Yamaha RD 350 data sheet

Yamaha RD 350 (

The Yamaha RD 350, was a fantastic creature of the engineering of the time, in fact it was the first motorcycle of medium displacement and for newly licensed which mounted two adjustable shock absorbers in 3 positions for the comfort or stiffness of the bike.

In addition tofront it was equipped with a telescopic fork O telehydraulics, which consists of two tubes with holes in the central part, after which there is the oil that allows resistance to weight, which flow one inside the other compressing the oil inside them.

Front brake a disco with a diameter of 267 mm, with floating caliper, while al rear a great and mighty brake a drum.

Powered by twin-cylinder engine 2-stroke 347cc, which delivered a power ranging from 39 cavalli of the first version up to 63 cavalli of the latest version. Lamellar suction through 2 carburettors of 28, clutch plates multiples a oil bath, and a change a 5 gears for the first versions, later replaced by the 6-speed gearbox.

To date the price for one of these fantastic Japanese twin cylinders wanders about 4.000 euro.

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