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Watch out for the freezer. Two batches of squid withdrawn from the market: where it happened, what to look out for and what happened.

Coop squid withdrawn from the market due to high cadmium content

Two batches of frozen squid branded Albatros sold to Coop They were withdrawn from the market with the following motivation: a concentration of cadmium higher than the allowed limits. How to check if we also have this product at home? What to do if we have already consumed it and what to know about this withdrawal from sale.

What are the batches of squid withdrawn from the market?

It happens that the news of some batches of products withdrawn from the market for imperfections or problems of various kinds. This time it happened to two batches of clean and frozen Indo-Pacific squid. Specifically, as Libero reports, these are squid sold in 400 gram skin packs of lots 0006MF and number 0010NF with the minimum shelf life (Tmc) respectively 08/2022 and 09/2022.

The measure, however, concerns only a few points of sale in the Tuscany Region. In short, the other areas of Italy can rest assured, but if you have this product at home, take a look at the lot anyway before consuming the squid.

Why has the product been recalled?

Ma because they were withdrawn these squid produced by the company MARR Spa? There is talk of a high cadmium concentration that is a metal that is found in soil, water and air, but is released mainly due to industrial processes. By penetrating so easily into the soil and the sea, cadmium enters the food chain and it is not uncommon for it to accumulate in some marine animals as well.

What does it mean to ingest so much cadmium?

The National Institute of Health has stated that ingesting food or water contaminated with high amounts of cadmium can lead to several symptoms such as:

  • stomach irritation
  • He retched
  • diarrhea
  • muscle cramps
  • liver damage
  • kidney failure

What to do if you have the offending package or if you have eaten it

So what to do if you have a package of squid withdrawn from the market? Or if you have already consumed the product?

Squid withdrawn: what to do?

In the first case it is obviously important do not eat the squid withdrawn from the market and bring them back to the point of sale asking for a replacement or refund. In case of ingestion, on the other hand, we must not panic, but it is necessary consult your doctor and ask him how to behave.

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