Gkn, today the ministerial table. But in Brunico the company hires – Chronicle

Gkn, today the ministerial table. But in Brunico the company hires – Chronicle
Gkn, today the ministerial table. But in Brunico the company hires – Chronicle

Florence, 15 July 2021 – Down the cards, today we understand where the Gkn case ends up. If it becomes a dispute with the withdrawal of layoffs, euthanasia of work with the support of social safety nets or a national case of entrepreneurial far west. At 2 pm the ministerial table meets at Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence. Present were the deputy minister of Mise Alessandra Todde, the institutional representatives of the Region and the metropolitan city, the trade union representatives, the leadership of Gkn Italia.
At the moment pessimism reigns. Or rather, realism is the most appropriate scenario in order not to harbor illusions that could still affect the bleeding wounds of collective dismissal. Realism means that if you manage to talk about social safety nets and take home an aid plan starting from layoffs (tomorrow there will be a confrontation between the Gkn and the unitary union representation) it will be a result to be held tight.
It’s not easy dialogue with Gkn: the last three years of institutional negotiations at the regional table between the Rossi mandate and the Giani mandate say so. You want to intercept the strategy of the multinational, you want for the car market in continuous transformation, you want for the pandemic. But while in Campi Bisenzio he resigned on the spot, in Brunico he hired himself. And the signature under the employment letters is the same as those of the 422 laid-offs: Gkn. The multinational invests in Brunico and Monguelfo: modern factories, links with the territory, jobs. Professionals are also being sought these days (engineers) and the Tuscany Region reports that between 2020 and 2021 over one hundred professional figures were hired in different profiles, from production lines to design. The Brunico plant has become the innovation center for electric motors while in Monguelfo the most modern plant in the world for the production of double cardan joints was built, it was said at the time of the inauguration. In short, in Val Pusteria the Gkn is applauded, in Campi Bisenzio people cry and rebel.
The crisis in trade union and institutional relations it starts from afar, just as property has looked elsewhere for some time. “The regional table has been open on the Gkn for three years” underline the Ministry of Economic Development. As if to say that the story is known in its extreme difficulty, so much so that a shred of agreement has not been found in recent years. In the last regional legislature the negotiations ran aground on the industrial plan. The Region and the unions asked for certainties for the workers of Campi. It was hypothesized to move a production line from Brunico. It would have been manna from heaven. Nothing came of it. Meanwhile, the car market is undergoing transformation: electric and hybrid give the assault on petrol and diesel. New regional council, new round of meetings. RSU on alert: Gkn closes Birmingham. It is the beginning of the end. The company is convened. Contradictory signals arrive: we are not in crisis, says Gkn, but they open up shock absorbers. New machinery arrives at the Campi plant, still in cellophane. Investments made while enjoying state tax relief. The Region proposes: we do not use the layoffs, but the resources for training, choice of perspective. Gkn raises: “You don’t need anything”. Then silence. And the bomb of 422 layoffs arrives. A meeting was scheduled for 20 July to share a memorandum of understanding based on the business plan.

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