who anticipates the 110 bonus money?

who anticipates the 110 bonus money?
who anticipates the 110 bonus money?

For it discount on approved invoice: who anticipates the 110 bonus money? For example, for condominium work with the maxi-facility when, however, the company carrying out the work has also already approved the discount on the invoice? In other words, can the subsidized works start or, instead, are there any sums that the condominiums have to anticipate?

In compliance with the conditions for accessing the 110% superbonus, there are none advances or deposits to be paid. As the cost of the operation will be given by the amount indicated on the invoice by the company to which the work will be contracted. In the invoice, the amount to be paid will be discounted by the sum that is given by the transfer of the tax credit of each participating condominium.

Discount on approved invoice: who advances the 110 bonus money?

Having said that there are no advances, it is good to remember that for the superbonus 110% condominiums there is time until December 31, 2022. Without, however, the obligation of work progress. While with regard to the bureaucratic process, we always start from the preliminary phase. Which is the key to understanding if you will be able to access the maxi-subsidy for the work on the property.

Payment of condominium works with 110% superbonus to the company by speaking transfer

That is, verification of building and urban planning compliance first of all. And then the sworn verification concerning the possibility of obtaining an energy class leap. Which is equal to a minimum of 2. After that, having met all the requirements for access to the maxi-facility, the company will present a quote. Which then will have to be approved by the condominiums with a specific shareholders’ resolution.

By thecondominium administrator, the invoice of the contracting company, net of the discount applied thanks to the 110% superbonus, must then be paid by bank transfer.

Strictly speaking. In essence, therefore, for condominium works with the 110% super bonus the problem is no longer in having to advance money. But the difficulty is often linked to finding the company. The one then willing, in addition to granting the discount, to carry out the work. And this is because currently, thanks to the 110% bonus, the best companies in the sector have a full calendar of jobs.

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