Fidimed hires new graduates in Palermo: agreement with the University

Fidimed hires new graduates in Palermo: agreement with the University
Fidimed hires new graduates in Palermo: agreement with the University

Fidimed, financial intermediary 106 supervised by Bank of Italy, hires new graduates from the University of Palermo on an indefinite basis, with an apprenticeship contract third level for Higher Education and Research, assisted by Anpal Servizi led in Sicily by Patrizia Caudullo, and with the tutoring of Professor Enzo Scannella of the Department of Economics, Business and Statistics of the University of Palermo, to develop a project that will help banks and businesses to overcome a major problem created by the pandemic.

In fact, smart working, the new rules that complicate the valuation of a company and the increased risk of non-repayment of loans have imposed on traditional banks longer times for granting credit to SMEs. Consequently, as emerged from a survey of needs conducted by Anpal Servizi, in Sicily banks and SMEs found themselves sharing the need to have a new and more functional creditworthiness analysis model available which, used in synergy between consortia traditional credit lines and banks, in the light of the experience of the new fintech platforms, reduce the investigation times of the cases and maximize the Npl risk mitigation tools.

The Rector of the University of Palermo, Fabrizio Micari, and the CEO of Fidimed, Fabio Montesano – in the presence of Serena Schillirò of the school-work transition division of Anpal Servizi Sicilia, and of prof. Enzo Scannella – have signed a protocol that activates an active labor policy tool that has not been used so far: the third level apprenticeship for higher education and research. Once the selection is complete, Fidimed will hire two recent graduates – who will become four within six months – with a three-year apprenticeship contract which will benefit from a contribution relief and which provides for the possibility of an extension of one year to complete the research project. At the end Fidimed will be able to confirm the permanent contract.

“Our University, sensitive to the employment integration of its graduates, is engaged at the forefront of active employment policies through activities and services provided by its Placement office – declared Fabrizio Micari, Rector of the University of Palermo -. In fact, in recent years the employment trend of UniPa graduates has been growing strongly, also thanks to the actions undertaken by this governance and the commitment of all the players in the field. The signing of the protocol between UniPa and Fidimed demonstrates how fundamental the synergy of intentions and the dialogue with the stakeholders are for the development of the territory, which cannot but pass from the insertion of our young people into the world of work, using all possible tools, such as the third level apprenticeship for higher education and research, which guarantee them qualified work and the exploitation of knowledge and skills acquired along the university path “.

The CEO of Fidimed, Fabio Montesano, added: “Fidimed stands out among the financial intermediaries supervised by Bankitalia for its commitment to promoting young university talents by specializing them in the field of credit granting. There are already several that we have stabilized at the end of training internships. Commitment that continues today with this initiative with the University of Palermo which, however, adds an extra value, that of engaging new graduates in a research project that will prove useful for the entire national banking world. In other words, we combine Sicilian talents with a credit excellence recognized at country level, such as Fidimed, to make a new service available to everyone. With today’s signature, in practice, we are writing a page of history through an action that is unprecedented in the Italian credit system ”.

Serena Schillirò of Anpal Servizi Sicilia explained: “With Fabio Montesano we analyzed the employment needs of Fidimed to respond to the need to implement support for access to credit for businesses with a scientific approach and in step with the times. Following a meeting to present the active labor policies devices in which I highlighted the regulatory, salary, contributory and tax advantages of the Research Apprenticeship contract, we provided technical assistance to Fidimed to deepen the legislation and prepare a protocol scheme. with the University of Palermo, an individual training plan scheme consistent with the research project agreed with the University and an individual contract scheme, in compliance with the national employment contract, in consideration of the particular contractual form which provides for the involvement of ‘University as well as the Enterprise and the Apprentice. The research apprenticeship – concluded Serena Schillirò – allows the young graduate to carry out a research project through a substantial training in business and the scientific contribution of the University in the context of a broader employment contract with a high educational content. Anpal Servizi promotes dual apprenticeships as a tool for accessing the labor market for young people and will continue to support the process of selecting, activating and monitoring apprenticeship paths / contracts ”.

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