new supplies are coming. “But reservations have collapsed” –

new supplies are coming. “But reservations have collapsed” –
new supplies are coming. “But reservations have collapsed” –

The alarm returned. There will be no feared reduction in Covid vaccine supplies expected this month. Lombardy, which had been announced a cut of 500,000 doses, instead obtained yesterday morning reassurance from the commissioner of a overall supply such as to cover the needs of the vaccination campaign at this time: mainly those of the booster with second dose. Fortunately, July supplies will be substantial, the vice president and councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti announced on the sidelines of an event in Mind on Monday morning. From July 14 to the end of July we will have one million and 276 thousand doses between Pfizer and Moderna. And overall from 14 July to 14 August we will have 2 million and 332 thousand doses from the two US pharmaceutical companies. There was an initial cut that then narrowed and the numbers I’m giving you today show how the government has been able to provide supplies to the regions, obviously taking into account that vaccine supplies do not depend on the regions or the government, but on ‘Europe.

What does it mean? To understand this, you need to put the numbers in a row: 909,441 doses of vaccine have arrived in Lombardy since 1 July, of which 342,883 Pfizer, 360,500 AstraZeneca, 171,158 Moderna and 34,900 Janssen. To these 909 thousand must be added the expected 276 thousand dose load expected by the end of the month. Coming to the figure of over 2.3 million from July 14 to August 14. The arrivals, clarified by the Welfare offices, serve to cover the needs. Specifically, there was – with the cut of 500 thousand doses previously foreseen this month – a problem related to about 70 thousand vaccines that would have been missing from the schedule. With the deliveries announced on Monday morning this problem is resolved. From here to the hypothesis of further opening the agendas the not obvious step: the Region will evaluate. The theme in fact, as told last week by Courier service, was that of not being able to further expand agendas by now full, before the new 500 thousand slots available from 23 August onwards. The forecasts are around 100,000 scheduled doses per day until the end of July and 50,000 from 27 July to 12 August, in both cases with a few thousand doses still available to collect new bookings. On this Moratti said that the Region is reworking the agendas to see if in the light of these data we can improve further.

At the moment, Welfare points out, the new memberships are low (8,400 arrived on Sunday) and the main effort in vaccination centers is aimed at the inoculation of second doses. At what point is the campaign? Almost one in two Lombard people in the vaccinable audience (aged 12 and over) completed anti-Covid prophylaxis, specifically 46%, while 73% of the audience received the first dose. If we look at the community of campaigners, six out of ten (59%) received both doses, 96% only the first. Considering the population most at risk, ie those over 60, 90% of the total population (and 99% of the adherents) received the first dose and 72% of both doses (80% of the adherents). To the over 60s, each Ats is addressing dedicated initiatives to convince that 9% of the population that has not yet responded to the regional call to protect themselves against Covid-19.

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