Scratch & Win, they pocketed millions. Among the crafty also a linesman

Copelli is part of a group of people who have pocketed millions of euros thanks to the tips of a Lototmatica official

There is also the linesman Cristiano Copelli among the crafty “Scratch & Win” who in recent years would have fraudulently won millions of euros. The main suspect in the Roman investigation is Fabio Giacovazzi, a Roman official and computer scientist of Lottomatica Holding Spa, a gaming concessionaire on behalf of the State, who according to the code of ethics should not have and could not even participate in lotteries. Last October the first seizure of 27 million euros took place, but these days “only” 17: two of 5 each (“Maxi Millionario”) and one of 7 (“Supercash”).

The group

The news is reported by The messenger and the Courier of Umbria. The practice was this: the official, Giacovazzi, retrieved the codes of the winning tickets from the servers then sent someone to make the purchase. Among the crafty ones, the linesman Copelli, new companion of the official’s ex, the same ex-partner and Giacovazzi’s mother.

April 6 – 7:07 pm



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