Cashback, the money arrives on current accounts, but a long time for the super prize. Possible problems with complaints

Cashback, the money arrives on current accounts, but a long time for the super prize. Possible problems with complaints
Cashback, the money arrives on current accounts, but a long time for the super prize. Possible problems with complaints

The cashback, after Suspension since last July 1st, he has reached the last corner. Citizens who used it en masse credit or debit cards now they wait for the final refunds and the super prize gives 1,500 euro, with the publication of the appropriate ranking, which will decide the winners, in the home straight.

I times to receive payments, however, will be more long than was expected at the beginning of the year, with the money arriving between August and November. If the refunds are not correct then the claim on the lack of accreditation, even if in the last decree of 30 June 2021, n. 99, there is no clarification that could create some problems.

Cashback, when refunds arrive

From 1 January 2021, the cashback operation guarantees anyone who has made it at least 50 operations with cards or ATMs until June 30th, a 10% refund on a maximum cost of 1,500 euros. So the prize can come up to 150 euros lump sum. To get the reimbursements, the participating citizens (who were 7.9 million) had to download the IO app and insert the Iban (in the “wallet” section) for the next payment.

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Refunds are paid out by the Consap (the concessionary company of public insurance services), which receives cashback data from the web platform PagoPa, associated with the IO app and asks for the money directly to the Ministry of Economy. The small contribution up to 150 euros will go directly to the current account indicated by August 31, 2021, has and first accreditations they will already be there in the next days.

Cashback, the long wait for the super prize

I first 100 thousand citizens with the highest number of valid cashless transactions, always made between 1 January and 30 June 2021, will be able to obtain a special reimbursement of 1,500 euros. PagoPa will publish the ranking with the winners and it will send a notification to all attendees directly on the IO app, to let them check if they are on the list.

Cashback, “I did it, and I didn’t have to work so hard”: the stories of the super prize winners

The minimum number of trades it takes to win would be 787, on average 131 electronic purchases per month. But the count may be subject to variations, also considering any complaints. In the event of a tie between the competitors, whoever did it will have priority the last valid transaction before the others. Therefore, a criterion merely thunderstorm.

How complaints work and possible problems

In case of failure to credit or incorrect credit with respect to what is shown on the IO app, it is possible to make a complaint in the appropriate section of the Consap website from the July 15, 2021 until August 29, 2021. Once registered, you can apply by specifying the reason. But if you have made unrecognized transactions and acquired by the IO app and the PagoPa platform due to technical problems, in theory Consap cannot intervene.

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The last decree and the previous ones describing the cashback rules, in fact, do not contain any clarifications in this sense. When in December there was the experimental Christmas reimbursement, let us know by Consap, problems in this sense have been solved by going back together with PagoPa to the credit that was supposed to appear on the Io app. But the participants and the money to be paid, at the end of 2020, were less, now the operations could be more complicated.

All requests relating to the experimental Christmas period still outstanding as of June 30, 2021, will finally be processed by the end of this month. There liquidation of refunds is still in progress.


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