Rare stamps, this is worth thousands of euros: you could have it!

Among the many rare stamps, there are some that are worth thousands of euros. You may have this in your collection at home too

Rare stamps, there is one that is worth a lot of money (Pixabay)

Surely it is one of the oldest passions in history: we are talking about rare stamps. Virtually anyone has seen at least one in his life and for many, love at first sight. Hundreds of pieces all different and dating back to past and fascinating eras, with particular details they make the value skyrocket.

The internet and online shopping have done nothing but fuel this phenomenon, making it become today one of the most flourishing markets. There is talk of thousands (if not millions) of dollars that travel every day, with buyers able to spend crazy amounts just to take home a unique and apparently unobtainable piece around. Here are all the details about it.

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Rare stamps, this is worth over 20,000 euros

There are those who are willing to pay over 20,000 euros for it (screenshot)

Today we are talking about the postage stamp from 80 cents of the Duchy of Parma, one of the most sought after copies in Italy and available in just 2,400 editions. Its history starts from 1859, when the Kingdom of Sardinia and the Empire of Austria entered the war. Thanks to the alliance with Napoleon III, the Franco-Sardinian armies liberated Lombardy. In Parma, the new sovereign decided to replace the stamps with Sardinian ones, but Napoleon III did not agree and decided to issue a new provisional series.

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It is for this reason that there are so few around and they are worth so much. As of today, you can sell it even at 20,000 euros if you find the right auction. Its base value, on the other hand, is just over 5,000 euros.


Rare stamps worth thousands euros

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