Cashback, it’s not over: refunds are still possible

Cashback, it’s not over: the state has decided (at least for now) to close the purse strings but in reality refunds are still possible

Nostalgic of the State cashback and desperate for the government cut? No fear, there is always a remedy for everything. Even if you will have to wait at least until next January to start collecting transactions again, in the meantime, however, you can make up for it with an equally legal and profitable method.

The Draghi government it took the next six months to assess the impact of State Cashback and Super Cashback on the coffers of the Italians but also on the public ones. However, i am not at risk refunds, provided that the basic rules for participating have been respected by the users. Quite simply, instead of arriving by August 31st, the deadline was extended to November 30th.

So how do you get reimbursements of up to 150 euros between now and December? the remedy is simple: use Satispay for expenses, the digital payments platform that is becoming increasingly popular in our country and has put together exceptional numbers.


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Cashback, it’s not over: how Satispay works and how to participate in refunds

The company has in fact made it known that other special promotions are coming. All those who enroll in the mobile payment system in July will be able to join the possibility of accumulating up to 150 euros in cashback in six months. Satispay will directly finance the program, intended to integrate the other cashback opportunities already active.

In practice, for each payment in the physical stores affiliated with Satispay, there is a 10% cashback, up to a maximum of 150 euros in total, ie equal to the one canceled by the government. To finance it, the platform is ready to allocate a total amount between 20 million and 30 million euros.


Ma how Satispay works, for those who still don’t know it? An App that can be downloaded on your mobile and which allows you to make purchases in physical stores and supermarkets, but also to pay bills, car tax, phone top-ups or even exchange money with friends and relatives. All with the ease of a text message or WhatsApp. When you have downloaded it, just associate the Iban of your current account, register the required documents and establish the maximum amount of weekly expenses.

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