Here’s how to make a no-cost natural herbicide and say goodbye to weeds in the garden

In these first days of heat, we are all busy putting in place the outdoor space of our home.

It is a demanding and tiring job, but at the same time it is indispensable and brings us a lot of satisfaction.

After the winter bad weather, our garden will surely need some care and to be arranged in the best possible way.

Here’s how to create a natural herbicide at no cost and say goodbye to weeds in the garden, cheap and above all not harmful to nature.

Natural herbicides really help us because they remove weeds without killing the insects.

This factor is very important because they are essential for plant pollination and for the general balance of the ecosystem.

Water and salt

Salt, we all know it and we all have it available in our kitchens, is one of those indispensable ingredients.

If we think that it can only serve us to season succulent culinary dishes, we are very wrong, its uses are many.

The procedure is very simple, just mix a cup of coarse salt in three full cups of water.

We pour the salt water that we have prepared into an empty spray available.

Finally, we vaporize everything on the weeds that we want to eliminate

We also add vinegar

We will need a kilo of coarse salt, five liters of water and half a liter of vinegar.

We boil the water and then add the salt and mix everything.

We will then add the vinegar until a completely homogeneous mixture is obtained.

We always take an available spray and pour our mixture inside.

Let’s spray it on the weeds and wait for it to work.

It is advisable not to water our lawn or vegetable garden for the next two days, and above all, before carrying out this application, we check the weather.

This is because if we see that it will rain in the following days, our work will be completely useless since we will then have to repeat it.

Here’s how to create a natural herbicide at no cost and say goodbye to weeds in the garden, we just have to try and see the amazing results.

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