It is summer and the desire for ice cream is back, in the region it is a business worth 40 million: here is the most requested flavor

It is summer and the desire for ice cream is back, in the region it is a business worth 40 million: here is the most requested flavor
It is summer and the desire for ice cream is back, in the region it is a business worth 40 million: here is the most requested flavor

UDINE. The arrival of summer seems to coincide with only one diktat: eating ice cream. In fact, with the hot season the urgent desire returns, for all age groups, to refresh the palate with a cup or a cone of ice cream whose tastes are in constant and greedy evolution.

To cope with this irresistible habit, as many as 332 artisan enterprises are mobilized daily, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia alone, with a total of 1,311 employees of which 796 are employees. To make this food so desirable, it seems already known in China, in its grossest form, during the Tang dynasty (618-907), naturally contributes the variety of tastes capable of satisfying the most demanding palates.

A research by Confartigianato of Udine tells us that the must taste for summer 2021 is the “mantecado”, an irresistible mix of vanilla, orange peel and dark chocolate, produced for the first time by the pastry shop “D’Altri Tempi” of Venzone.

This is the final result of art, because this is the artisan ice cream parlor that brings together first choice ingredients, if possible at zero kilometer, with the experience that is handed down from father to son.

Despite the goodness of the products, the pandemic has not spared this sector either. In fact, from the data processed by Nicola Serio, head of the research office of Confartigianato-Imprese in Udine, it emerges that in the last year the economic crisis, following the pandemic, has accelerated the decline in ice cream and pastry shops which began in 2014.

In fact, from 2019 to 2020, 10 companies closed their doors, in addition to the other 17 that declared the cessation of activity between 2014 and 2019. This results in an average of 3.4 per year.

For the head of the category of ice cream makers of National Confartigianato-Imprese, Giorgio Venudo from Lignano, “the pandemic has also hit ice cream shops, but thanks to a strong and determined trade union action we were able almost immediately to get the green light to reopen our activities.

Initially, customers could only buy ice cream for take-away, but this already, compared to other businesses, and I am thinking in particular of the bars that had been closed for a long time, was important. The results of our commitment are being seen because, once the obligation to wear masks at least outdoors, the old habits, including that of enjoying ice cream, have come back forcefully ».

How are ice cream parlors distributed in our region? The highest number is in the province of Udine with 157, followed by Pordenone with 106 and Trieste with 35, and finally that of Gorizia with 34. In total, these are 332 companies of which 71 have laboratories or secondary offices. Therefore, the activities actually present in the area are 403.

Looking at the turnover of this sector, according to the elaboration of the same Study Office, families spend on average just under 6 euros per month for ice cream with an annual total of 70.5 euros. Therefore, multiplying the figure by the almost 563 thousand families of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the total sum is about 40 million euros.

According to the data of June 2021, it seems that this year consumption is around that figure with an estimated growth of 14 percent at the national level for a total turnover of 2.8 million euros.

To these numbers we must then add the turnover of the supply chain of agri-food products such as milk, sugars, dried fruit and other raw materials of Italian agricultural excellence. Despite the crisis, which led to a decline of 27 ice cream parlors in Fvg and a national level of 500 between 2014 and today, Italy remains the world leader in the sector, both in terms of number of companies and in terms of turnover. –


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