Here’s how much a social influencer earns

The difference between influencer and vip

“In Italy we still confuse the figure of the content creator with the VIP, when instead the social networks are inhabited by thousands of influencers who are not famous except among their own public, often niche and very loyal – explains the CEO of DeRev, Roberto Esposito -. It is in this scenario that a fundamental economic game is played, both for those who aspire to what is now a real profession, as well as for companies and brands that must know how to orient themselves for their investments in a powerful marketing tool. This list was created for this: it wants to be a compass for stakeholders, but also a map for those who wish to know more about how we are evolving and how the mechanisms that, as followers and potential consumers, see us as protagonists work ” .

In Mega influencerAccording to the “list”, the least suitable social network to earn a lot as an influencer is Facebook: a Mega Influencer (ie who has between one million and three million followers) for each post can earn between one thousand and five thousand euros. Not bad, of course, but certainly less than the “mega colleagues” of YouTube (15-25 thousand per video), Instagram and Tik Tok (5-15 thousand).

I Mid-Tier e i Macro Influencer

Prices fall as the number of followers with Mid-Tier and Macro Influencers decreases (we are between 100 thousand and one million followers, but the classification varies slightly between one social network and another) who can earn from 750 to 5 thousand euros.

Micro to Nano Influencer

We then move on to the Micro and Nano influencers who, despite marketing studies indicate that those with greater credibility and involvement of their followers (they are generally specialized in a particular sector) are the least paid: a post on Facebook ranges from 50 to 750 euros. , a YouTube video from 500 to 2,500, an Instagram post from 50 to 500 and a video on Tik Tok from 50 to 500.

Out of category, the Celebrity Finally, out of category are the Celebrities, or those who have a dizzying number of followers, or over 3 million on Facebook, over one million on YouTube and over 5 million on Instagram and Tik Tok. In this case, the earnings become really important and you can even ask for 60 thousand euros for a post.


Heres social influencer earns

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