Delta variant, Johnson & Johnson: “Our vaccine is effective”

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine, the only one that can be administered in a single dose, would be safe against the Delta variant: two studies confirm this

The vaccine created by the American company Johnson & Johnson, administered in a single dose, it turns out effective against the Delta variant of Covid. This was underlined by the same company through a press release, supported by due Education. The news was picked up by Ansa.

Delta variant, Johnson & Johnson: “Our vaccine is effective”

According to what was announced by the Johnson & Johnson, his vaccine would not only be effective against the Delta variant, but would also provide “an immune response that lasts at least eight months“.

According to research, antibodies and immune system cells in the blood of otto people vaccinate con Johnson & Johnson in otto people effectively neutralized the Delta variant.

Similar results also emerged from a second study conducted on 20 patients vaccine at Beth Israel Medical Center in Boston.

Delta variant, Figliuolo’s strategy to stem it

On the danger represented by the Delta variant the commissioner for the Covid emergency intervened, Francesco Paolo Son: “The Delta variant like all other variants is a derivation of the main strain of this disease”.

“Scientists – he added – say that with the Double dose we are quite sure and therefore we must speed up with double doses and continue the vaccination plan to close it as soon as possible “.

The Minister of Health, Roberto Hope, said: “These days even in countries that have a very high rate of vaccinations, such as Great Britain, the numbers are growing due to a particularly insidious variant such as the Delta. And this must lead us, despite our positive numbers, to give a message of seriousness, attention, prudence, graduality, because the game is open and woe to think otherwise ”.

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Delta variant Johnson Johnson vaccine effective

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