Regions: AZ, Pfizer, Moderna vaccines. Change the plan, speak Son

The extraordinary commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, from Cascia (Perugia), where he went in the past few hours, clarified the vaccine reservations at the regional level: “The numbers are not an opinion, in July we will have the same doses of Rna vaccine as in June, the problem is linked to the agendas because clearly many Regions have planned the agendas well before the new CTS health prescriptions came out on AstraZeneca”.

Figliuolo has therefore taken steps to reassure, ensuring that even in July the machine that must provide for the vaccination campaign will be “able to ensure a quantity of doses that will allow the regions to make an overall average of 500 thousand administrations per day, at national level”.

“In this perspective – the General explained – the commissioner structure is acting bilaterally with all Regions to reschedule the administration schedules, because those who had planned the month of July with the rules prior to the last indication of the Cts he could count on four vaccines ”.

“Following a risk / benefit calculation in the presence of such a low infection curve – he added -, the two adenoviral vaccines now have great limitations. This means that in July we will have to give 2.6 million second doses with AstraZeneca to people over 60, while most of the other administrations, of first and second doses, for a total of over 14.6 million, will be done with Pfizer e Modern“.

Figliuolo also said that almost 3.8 million doses of the Pfizer preparation can already be used. Doses that arrived “last night, as part of a total, for July, of approximately 14.6 million Pfizer and Moderna”. With the stocks that Italy had, the commissioner continued, “they become 15 million messenger RNA vaccines”.

And again: “There is no problem of quantity but there is a balancing problem in the Regions, some of which rightly hoped to be able to grow even more with the first doses in July. Now it is necessary that the administrations of all second doses are respected, perhaps reprogramming some first doses, because where it was planned to use AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson, now it will be necessary to use Pfizer and Moderna messenger RNA vaccines ”.

“The plan, conceived to lead us to vaccination in September of 80% of vaccinable people through the administration of 500 thousand doses per day, continues”, assured Figliuolo.

Finally he spoke of the eventual third dose. “We have made purchase options with the Ministry of Health – informed the Commissioner -, there will certainly be doses, then it must be science to tell us after how long and if the recall should be injected, we are ready and we are gearing up “.

“The philosophy is to go to general practitioners, pharmacies, hospitals but slowly get out of the logic of large hubs”, concluded Figliuolo.

Virgil News | 01-07-2021 20:35

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Photo source: ANSA

Delta variant, lockdown risk and red zones: what the experts say

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