Healthcare: Affidea buys the CDC group

Healthcare: Affidea buys the CDC group
Healthcare: Affidea buys the CDC group

Maneuvers in progress on the Piedmontese health front, and changes of ownership. Affidea announced today the acquisition of 100% of the Cernaia Diagnostic Center | CDC Group, a well-known provider of outpatient services in Piedmont: with this transaction, Affidea’s network will count 308 centers, almost 11,000 professionals and will assist approximately 10 million patients every year . Affidea has a long experience having integrated over 125 new centers over the past 5 years.

For 50 years

As for the CDC Group, for 50 years it has been one of the most significant and dynamic healthcare realities in the North-West of Italy: with 32 offices in Piedmont, it offers its 1.2 million patients a wide range of medical services: analysis laboratory, outpatient specialist, diagnostic imaging, physiotherapy and occupational medicine. The company performs more than 3.7 million laboratory tests, 420,000 specialist examinations and approximately 500,000 medical imaging tests each year. It collaborates with over 1,300 professionals, of which 900 are doctors. The skills of its medical staff, the high quality of the services provided, the patient-centric approach to care, make CDC the preferred provider of funds and private health insurance, as well as of over 8,000 companies spread across the northern territory.

Diversified team

In Italy, Affidea and CDC will be able to count – thanks to the acquisition – on a team of over 2,500 professionals, of which nearly 2,000 are doctors. With a network of 54 centers and 60 sampling points, the company will be able to assist a total of approximately 2.2 million patients per year, diversifying Affidea’s healthcare offer and adding an important range of specialist services, physiotherapy, home care, cancer diagnostics and laboratory assistance, while strengthening the occupational medicine sector, thus making Affidea the preferred supplier of companies and private health insurance companies.

The reasons for a strategy

«The acquisition of CDC comes immediately after our entry into the British market and after the recent expansion in Croatia, Spain and Northern Ireland – declares Giuseppe Recchi, CEO of Affidea Group -. In Italy, one of the most developed European markets in terms of health services, we have become the largest provider of diagnostic and specialist outpatient imaging ». Luigi Bocchiotti, Sole Director of the CDC Group, declared: “In the face of a constantly evolving healthcare scenario, the CDC Group, a family business with 50 years of history behind it, has decided to become part of the Affidea Group, to maintain its leadership on the Piedmontese market and develop its presence on the national territory. The choice was determined by sharing the fundamental principles that have always distinguished the CDC Group, such as the excellence of the service offered to patients, doctors and companies and the efficiency of an organizational model based on quality. We will all be personally involved with the same spirit and commitment demonstrated to date in pursuing the objectives and future challenges of the new Group ».

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