Modena. Unicredit is with Pride Giovanardi threatens to move his money

Modena. Unicredit is with Pride Giovanardi threatens to move his money
Modena. Unicredit is with Pride Giovanardi threatens to move his money

“Proud to support Pride” is the slogan that Unicredit used to honor “this year’s celebrations and deepen their meaning and history, as a reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusion in all our activities, both personal and working “. Among the activities decided by the bank there was also the lighting with the colors of the rainbow the spire of the headquarters in Piazza Gae Aulenti in Milan.

But the choice of organizing events “to highlight our ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion in our various geographic areas and confronting us with the multiplicity of our cultures” did not particularly appeal to former senator Carlo Giovanardi, who now threatens to withdraw their money deposited in Unicredit.

«In a letter sent to Unicredit president Pier Carlo Padoan – writes Giovanardi – I reported to have read with amazement the Unicredit press release in which the bank is proud to support the Pride celebrations. Unfortunately, this year, I continue in the letter, to the usual ostentation of coarse performances that damage rather than favor the rights of homosexuals, a blasphemous parody of Jesus Christ, a petulant attack on the Holy See and, most serious of all, the request to clear customs in Italy, where it is rightly a crime, the abominable practice of the uterus for rent. In my dual role as a former parliamentarian and minister of the Republic, who has repeatedly sworn to loyally observe our Constitution and our laws, and as a former Unicredit employee, I therefore asked the president to dissociate himself from these behaviors that offend the deepest feelings of millions of Italians, lay people, Catholics or belonging to other religious faiths ».

Then the provocation on current accounts: “Otherwise I have reported to the President that I will be painfully forced to move the banking relationships in place at one of our branches to another credit institution because I do not intend in any way to make myself an accomplice of these unacceptable forcing”. –


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