nude mod undresses Chris Redfield and endows him with a bursting erection –

nude mod undresses Chris Redfield and endows him with a bursting erection –
nude mod undresses Chris Redfield and endows him with a bursting erection –

Who said that PC modders produce nude mod only for female video game characters? A modder of Resident Evil Village has seen fit to undress Chris Redfield and to endow him with a bursting erection.

The mod is called “Naked Chris Erected“and was created by TrieuPham. Unfortunately we can’t provide you with a direct link because we can’t show erections on these pages, but just search for it on Nexus Mods, after turning off the adult content filter, and you’ll find it in no time. say.

Chris is naked!

For the rest we remind you that Resident Evil Village is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4, PS5 and Stadia. If you want more information, read our Resident Evil Village review, where we wrote:

Resident Evil Village proves to be an excellent evolution of the previous chapter, able to amalgamate the best aspects of some of the older chapters and integrate them into the first person formula: the result is a game that never loses its rhythm, much of which is however decided by you and your propensity to explore, both narratively and in terms of gameplay. We have seen a pinch of the very first Resident Evil in level design and in the preparation of puzzles, as well as Resident Evil 4 has mastered it in other contexts; this however does not lead the game to be just a mash of recycled ideas, since it still maintains a precise identity and manages your moods in a way that a hypothetical third person would not have conveyed in the same way. It’s a shame that it proves too cryptic in some points, a choice that could postpone the publication of future DLCs, and the restricted area of ​​action of some enemies allows you to take advantage of them without really entering into conflict. Beyond what we could really define imperfections, rather than real flaws, Resident Evil Village is an excellent middle chapter that reconnects many threads of the past but, at the same time, opens up to a future even more full of questions. There is tension, exploration, combat, everything you could ever want and more.


nude mod undresses Chris Redfield endows bursting erection Nerd4life

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