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The longest bench in the world is located in Milan

It is located in Milan la longest bench in the world and, to be exact, at the Portello Park. The bench is in fact 208 meters long and was made by the company Weather in Pacchiarini, which is located in Onere in the province of Bergamo.

A record that of the company, but also an excellent and very enjoyable realization: the bench in fact runs around the artificial lake (we could call it a pond) of the park, surrounding it and also acting as a frame. And, just to guarantee theaesthetics of the project, the bench was made with 1800 wooden slats, four meters long each. Twenty-five thousand screws complete the assembly e five hundred legs iron: in short, a difficult job that required a lot of work but that also rewarded the entire landscape.

The news was also reported on the official Facebook page of the 8th Municipality of Milan. TO The Republic, the councilor for public green areas of the Town Hall – Fabio Galesi – he stressed that the work is “a little great architectural pride of which perhaps not all Milanese are aware”. Arrigo Pacchiarini, owner of the company, explained that he had worked on several prototypes before making the bench. “Also because – he said – the circumference along which the bench develops does not have the same radius in everyone the points”.

Wood, on the other hand, was a totally choice green: it is in fact a material that does not pollute, so it is perfect for a park and to immerse yourself completely in the greenery that surrounds it. The wood chosen is in fact an American wood that has the particularity of being able to remain in excellent condition (not excluding further maintenance procedures). The result is in fact an extremely project green, in perfect harmony with the environment (it is in fact a curvilinear bench) and – obviously – a record bench, given its extreme length. A little big pride for the city of Milan.


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